May. 15, 2016

May Peace Prevail On Earth

May Peace Prevail On Earth

Balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine

Today over 10,000 people will gather at the World Peace Sanctuary on Mt. Fuji in Japan to radiate peace and sacred balance between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. WILL YOU JOIN US? We know that when large groups of people pray or meditate together - profound shifts occur around the world. I have seen wars and battles literally stop in the face of this powerful force, and peace agreements signed when the hope of peace seemed like a far away dream. 


It’s time we activate this power within each one of us, then extend it into the world!


At 8PM PST Today (11PM Eastern US Time), Saturday, May 14, please stop whatever you are doing and chant the prayer: “May peace prevail on earth, and may perfect balance be achieved.” As you do this, “feel” what this balance means to you, especially in regard to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. When we share this prayer and at the same time feel that this balance IS BEING ACHIEVED this very moment, then a sacred alignment takes place. Now imagine millions of people joining you in this, at the exact same moment. Like waves of light the prayer extends to bring balance and peace to everyone on the planet. In this way the experience of peace prevailing on earth becomes a tangible reality. 


You can watch the ceremony from Mt Fungi LIVE by CLICKING HERE. The program starts at 6PM PST and goes for 3 hours. Look for the link that says "Watch the live webcast."



The World Peace Pulse is about to become a monthly event.



My goal is to sponsor a major worldwide meditation focused on a particular world crisis each month. At the center of each of these vigils we will activate the prayer “May Peace Prevail On Earth” - an internationally recognized prayer that is inscribed on hundreds of thousands of peace poles around the world. I believe that there are millions of people who are looking for a way to positively impact situations of world crisis, and this is it. Within a few months we will initiate this movement, calling all Emissaries of Light together every month to radiate peace to the areas that need it most.



Watch James Twyman sing

May Peace Prevail on Earth

at the Fuji Sanctuary in Japan