Lada Stone

People often wonder why their dreams do not come true. They feel down and disappointed. They give up on self and loose what is dear to them. They become comfortably numb in their own misery and do not seek hard enough for solutions. They focus on problems and limitations without correcting self step by step. They choose to goon their lives without exitement, inner happiness and joy in the heart. They prefere to blame government, society, family, friends, co-workers for what did not happen to them. They do not focuse on self development and growth to realize what is important for them. 

They keep questioning God, existence, and people around. They often forget to seek within.

Become they more as they explore without hesitation, doubt and fear. With open minds and trusting hearts, they lead themselves into discovery of their own greatness.

They, the seekers of their own truth, may loose many battles on the way, but mastery of self they learn. - Becoming one with will, developing the skill, having discipline and burning desire to succeed, they move ahead with clarity of mind how to achieve their goals for living. 

Life is about exploration. Life is about you and me. Life is about adoration all human, all alive, and free. Be capable to touch the heart of other with love and light that radiates like sun and watch the star in dance arising above the sky. 

Road to success is awaiting for all of those for whome the obstacles in life the blessings are. Don't you be scared of self and exploration. Stay patient. Keep walking. Keep breathing. Keep smiling. Keep living. Keep growing to learn who you are. 

Life is beautiful and possibilities are endless. Stay strong. Aware be. - You chose your deeds: your your thoughts, your words, your actions. - You in control, indeed. Chose wisdom, celebration, greatness. No fear. No greed. No need.

You have all the gear to get where you want to be. Stay calm. Trust self. From within and out life astarts. Follow your blessings. All day and all night. That's right. Get ready for a flight...

The keys:

drop the drama, have an intent, develop a will, use imagination, accept yourself fully, control your urges, feed your mind, filter information, organize your days, choose the crowd, value quality, have discipline, keep focus, stay calm, smile, love all alive, stay in high spirit, get rid yourself of ego, let your consciousness lead your way.

while moving ahead, don't be afraid to be misunderstood by others and stand alone. - it's not gonna last long.