Highly Conscious Cosmo Artist - Powers Unlished

From the Artist:

Dear Adam And Eve!

I am an Apple. - The forbidden fruit.

I was born in Persia.

I moved to Austria and worked in Vienna for 18 years before moving to the UK.

Since arriving to the UK, I have played a major role in an enviromental display. This took the form of murials displayed in public for the benefit of the local community. As a Member of United Society of Artists in UK, I have exhibeted my art work in London and Birmingham museums.

I am a self taught Artist & a Music Composer. My instruments are painting brushes & canvas, piano & a keyboard. 

At the age of 15 I was playing as a Keyboarder in Rock Bands, now you can listen to my compositions and enjoy here :

1. Hear My Silence In The Language Of Piano,.,.,.in here 
3.My Journey
4.The Wolves Atom War
5.I Want To Live, For saving Costa Rica's Trees 
6.Play With Me,
7.Noah's Ark,
8. Classic Composition
9. Sound Of Nature

Kind Regards
Farshad Sanaee

Farshad was born in Persia. 

It was during his very early years that he had developed a keen interest in art, literature, and music.

He began to paint in traditional Persian styles from the age of 10. This desire to paint continued throughout his teenage years and his style progressed from traditional towards a more modern outlook.

At the age of 16, he began to take this interest in the Arts in a more musically orientated direction. His fascination with music was facilitated initially by him learning the piano independently and reinforced by him joining a rock group, with the role of a keyboard player.

Farshad moved forward with his interest in painting and he had learned in addition how to engrave his designs on brass and copper sheets. He also experimented with translucent paints successfully.

His musical interest did not stop as well. He composed music for theatres, films and gallery exhibitions.

Farshad art is currently available to view at Netherton Arts Centre in Netherton West Midlands.

This amazing artist would love to share his art beauty with you. If you would like to connect to the artist and purchase his collections, contact me. Thank you.


Email: Investments@LadaStone.com