Apr. 24, 2017






Everything God says is meant for you, and each day’s Heaven Letter contains a new message God wants you to hear that day. For people of all faiths, or of none, Heaven Letters are like a walk you take with God. With each step, you come closer until you find there is no distance between you and God. 


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Apr. 6, 2017


God said:

Hello, this is your Life that you are living. Go ahead, have the time of your Life. Your life, the time, they are yours. They belong to no one but you – well, We can add that your Life belongs to Me as well, for I cherish your life.

While you are on Earth, you undergo the sense of time that is prevalent on Earth. The world goes by time, and the world goes by in the blink of an eye. Give Life a whirl. Find your joy, and give your joy.

What is your joy may not be everyone else’s joy or anyone’s. You could be someone who loves to eat out all the time. You could be someone who prefers to cook food for yourself and eat at home. You may love socializing. Someone else may be more contemplative and crave solitude.

I tell you one thing: There is plenty on Earth to choose from, to specialize in, or to take a break from. Life is indeed a many-splendored thing. Your Life is what it is when it is. At the same time, your Life can be whatever you want it to be. In the long run, it can be. You have some say.

Here’s the thing: Want your Life. Want your Life to be what you want it to be. Consider your Life as a camera you take photos with. You focus your camera as you like. Take the pictures you want to take. This is your Life. Make of it what you will. Give your Life a chance. Pay as much attention and intention to your Life as you wish. Run with it. Everyone’s Life has all possibilities. Open your Life up to more, and more, and more. Reach out.

Have fun with Life. You are experimenting with Life. The balance you find is yours, not someone else’s. Truly, there is no one size that fits all.

Even if you are the only one whose Life is served up the way yours is, it’s hunky-dory. There is not another Life that has to match up with yours, or another Life style that your life has to match. There are unlimited ways of Life to pick. Make your own choices.

This is lovely, and that is lovely. Who presumes to say that there is only one way to live, or only one route to follow? Rev up your engines, and sail forward. There is no race to run. There is no game to win. Live Life according to the happiness of your soul, and, so, you win. Life really isn’t a competition. All of what is someone’s glory may not be your glory at all, nor does it have to be.

Everyone has his or her likes. There is room in the Universe for everyone. On a bus, you would move over to make room for someone on the seat next to you. Give yourself a seat as well.

If you like to walk, walk. If you like to drive, drive. If you like to take a train or fly in a plane, you have the right of way. Choose as you like, for this, after all, is your Life.

Suit your Life to a T. Your life is meant to suit you. You are not required to check with others to see what they think of your Life. Others’ opinions may well matter to you, yet, really, others’ opinions are beside the point. It is you who lives your Life. Your Life is your prerogative. Your Life is not contraband for another.

You heard this frequently throughout your childhood: Mind your own business.

I would say to mind your own business with a different meaning in mind. Take care of your own business, and, of course, let others take care of theirs.

Hands off also reflects love. Whatever you may have to say about another’s choices in Life, and if you must give your reckoning of it, say it only once. There is no need for you to repeat it.

Fare thee well.

Apr. 6, 2017


God said:

No matter what you may be going through, no matter how laborious a situation may be for you, there is always an end to it. Always. This means that even while you are going through a tense time, you can loosen up a little. Soon or late, a troubled time will leave one way or another.

You are wise not to dig into your problems and deepen your attention on them. This does not mean that you have to pretty up the situation in your mind. It means that you don’t have to hold onto your tenseness. You may not be able to relax from the intensity, yet you can loosen your grip on it.

When you hold on to a difficult period of your Life, difficulty tightens its grip on you. You give over your peace and, so, accelerate the tension. You press down on the gas pedal, so to speak. Letting up on the pedal serves you better. In effect, you don’t have to go full-force ahead. You don’t have to enter into battle.

Of course, I realize it is hard for you to let go of turmoil. If you could push a release button, you would. You would gladly.

No matter how outrageously unfair a situation may be, loosen your reins. In preference to your begging or praying to Me for instant rescue – sometimes, just give over your situation to Me. This is not being irresponsible. You can now and then give the reins over to Me and make a great difference in your Life.

Whether you contributed to a hard time or not, whether you are swept up mercilessly in a typhoon or you were susceptible to a crime, or susceptible to misdirection, or susceptible to looking the other way – no matter how much you want Me to come in and rescue you in a certain way, how about just bundling up your situation and handing it to Me? Hand it to me as if you were simply trusting in Me and hand your difficulties over to Me just like that. Make Me your Partner.

You might say something like this to Me:

“God, I relax my hold on the difficulties I am experiencing. Here, God, do with them as you will. I will do everything I can to look at my difficulties with mercy for all involved. That I trust in You doesn’t mean that You have to do as I will. I do leave space for You to tend to Me. I beg nothing of you. I give You all of my heart. Of myself, I can only do as much as I can do. It is ridiculous of me to tell You what to do. What I want and what You do don’t have to agree.

“As I turn over my situation to you, I am trying to say that I take responsibility for myself. I do not assault the situation I find myself in. I do not like it, yet I don’t kick and scream. I won’t tell You what I think You must do for me. May I free myself from the bounds that bind me.

“Dear God, I surrender to You. Rather than asking or insisting that You serve me as I wish, I offer myself in service to You. I simply lay down my heart before You.

“Whatever consumes me – whether I am unjustly in prison for the rest of my life, or I have an unwelcome verdict from a physician, or my wife leaves me, I keep my heart open to You and to my Life or to my death.

“Beloved God, whatever lies before me, I will meet it and meet it kindly. I am not a child who stamps his foot. No matter what, I follow You where You lead. This doesn’t mean I am passive. It does mean I don’t have to believe in illness more than I believe in You, beloved God.

“Dear God, may I ask, does anyone ever bless You?”

Apr. 4, 2017


God said:

Your thoughts are not always uplifting. Too many negative thoughts trot in and take over. Your thoughts are powerful, and so are your feelings. Your thoughts and feelings bounce off each other. Mostly, you don’t have one without the other.

Which comes first is beyond your comprehension. Your thoughts and feelings may seem to be beyond you, well beyond your will. Of course, you would rather be elated with Life than disenchanted.

If you wake up in the morning, and you don’t want to leap out of bed, you may feel that you are obliged to drag yourself out of bed, perhaps with the thought: “Another day, another dollar.”

You get up dragging a sense of duty. How dull. You may have forgotten all about the possibility of leaping out of bed with joy, enthusiasm, and desire. Instead, you make yourself get up, for what other choice do you have?

You are well aware that you would love to leap out of bed as you once did. Leaping out of bed was once a way of life for you. What happened? It almost seems that you filed off joy as you might your fingernails.

Discouraging words and thoughts happened to you. Your thoughts and your feelings work as a team. Both activate you. They rise up together, or they plop down together.

Dear Ones, you can reverse the trend of your feelings and thoughts. This you can do. This is for you to do.

If you wake up without appetite for life, at least wake up with appetite for breakfast. This can be a good start. Try eating less at night, and then see what happens. What would you like to eat? Perhaps someone prepares food for you. What a lovely thing.

When you are your own cook or grabber, then the night before, decide what you will make yourself for breakfast the next morning. Something you like. Allow time for this ahead of time. Greater than breakfast itself, you are setting the tone for a day to look forward to. You can be a trendsetter and your own motivator.

No one knows the exact content of tomorrow, yet you can prepare your thoughts nevertheless. What would you like to eat tomorrow? What would you like to have happen tomorrow? What would you look forward to if you could? Try writing down the night before what you would love to have happen when you wake up the next morning. Let’s see if this does prompt you to have more zip for waking up in the morning.

Look forward ahead of time, for instance, to what could make you happy in the morning. Add your ideas to what could make you rise and shine with a smile. There is no law against writing down as many possibilities you think of the night before you hop into bed.

Find joy in going to bed as well. Both joy in going to bed and in rising are for you. A parallel exists.

Going to bed and getting out of bed are both meant to give you joy. Neither in or out of bed is meant to be a restriction.

Try this for a week, and I guarantee that your energy will rise a notch or two.

When you wake up, be glad. Even if you didn’t sleep well the night before, you don’t have to be tired. Sometimes sleep can be made too much of.

However, neither sleep nor sleeplessness is meant to hassle you. The truth is you really and truly don’t want to stay in bed all day. May you never have to.

And if you are really stuck in mire when you wake up, then think of what you could perhaps do to make someone else glad to leap out of bed in the morning.

Apr. 4, 2017


God said:

Oneness is inescapable. Oneness is a fact of Life. Oneness is here to stay.

At the same time, you live in a contiguous world which is called relative. In the world, everything is relative to something else. You live in a world of contrast and comparison. You are always keeping your eye on the ball. Your attention is swept up in the world. You take your cues from the external world.

A World of Greatness lies within you. You are rising to it. You are coming closer. You are finding your sea legs as it were, or a new shoe size, or perhaps We could say you are coming closer to going barefoot in the sand. Very near the Ocean are you in your recognition and actual realization of the boundlessness that you are and always were. Accept this.

No longer will you be seeing yourself mainly as a feat of the world, an object of the world, a personage of the world. You are coming closer to your Creator. It may not always feel this way to you. In fact, you may feel you are up against great odds as though you must be hammered into some kind of obeisance to the world. You have been lodged in the world of individuality -- far away from the Realization of Oneness in the world.

Consider coming closer to your Creator (the Heart of Yourself) as a plow furrowing the soil, or a snow plow plowing snow, or the prow of a ship making tracks in the Vast Seas. Coming closer to Me is finding your Self reflected in Me, and I also rising from the depths of you. Of course, you rise from Me, and I rise from within you, as if We are a Sun within a Sun, even as there is One Sun-ness in the Whole Universe that exists.

The world is like your hunting-ground. You are trying to find yourself here with Me even as you are swept up in the world. You are occupied in the world. You define yourself in the world when you are far beyond description and definition. We could say that you are a Metaphor for God, and I am Metaphor of you, yet in Truth, We are One. Wow, We are Vastness Itself as there is only and fully Oneness Alone.

We are all-inclusive, yes.

Do We abide in Infinity, or is Our Oneness Infinity Itself? Do you feel this Escalation of Expansion? Are you feeling Infinity now? You are off the ground now. Is it the Universe that is expanding, or is it your Awareness that is expanding, and what is the difference?

Something wonderful is happening, something greater than flying in space, for space does not exist. There are no time limits, for time also does not exist. Space and time, as wonderful as they are imagined to be, are boundaries that you get wrapped up in Life in the World.

We are not going anywhere, nor does Flying High take time or anything at all. Being is permanent. Being is the Essence of You. You are Being. You are a Divine Being. On Earth, you paddle a canoe on a rivulet.

We may say you are in Infinity, yet, more to the point, you are Infinity Itself. You are Infinity grasping at knowing Infinity. Infinity isn’t an accomplishment. You don’t really reach it. You come to pull your shoulders back and rise to what you eternally are. Infinity isn’t a what, or where. Infinity is beyond language. It is beyond thought. You thought you were a thought. On Earth, you think of yourself as an individual while, in Reality, you are Oneness Soaring.

Believe it. Know it. Live it. You are Soaring. It is also safe to say that you have always Soared and never have not.