May. 4, 2016

When Wishes Come True

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Heavenletter #5640 When Wishes Come True, May 4, 2016 

God said: 

At the same time as you yearn for more dreams to come to fruition and fill up your heart, don't waste your life by representing yourself as unfulfilled or denied. Rather, I say:

Hurray for unfilled dreams! Hurray for dreams that have not yet come true. Unfilled dreams are dreams on their way to you. Part of the joy of your journey is that you are getting somewhere. Fulfillment gives you joy. Allow that there may be as much joy or even greater joy in the climbing that propels you to the fulfillment of your dreams.

When you were a first grader, how you longed to become a big sixth grader. When you attained sixth grade, the dream of reaching sixth grade turned out to be shinier than the actual success.

You have many dreams fulfilled. Is it not also a good thing to have dreams you yearn for and have yet to reach? To be full of dreams, it's necessary to have some dreams waiting for you beyond the pale. Looking forward holds its own joys.

Would you really want supper right after you had lunch? Would you really really want all your dreams fulfilled instantly? You might get blasé. There is a thrill to the moment of success, yet then that moment is over.

Once in a while, it's a good thing to skip a meal and get really hungry, for abundance can turn into overabundance. You really do want unfulfilled desires ahead of you. Rejoice that you have that which you are searching for still ahead of you.

May all you seek reach you, yet not all at once! One spoonful of honey is so sweet. Ten spoonfuls later, you may well not appreciate the taste of honey as you once did.

Ah, this is the World of Earth, a world where everything is compared to something else. Are you familiar with the folktale of The Three Bears? In this folktale, it is the Baby Bear's porridge that is always just right. Just right is most desirable to My children when your porridge varies and isn't "just right" all the time.

There is a story about a man who made a request of a genie. The man wanted his girlfriend to forevermore hang on to his every word and to love or adore him without cease. He asked the genie if he would do this. The genie granted the man his wish for a price, of course, and the genie saw the future and rubbed his hands in merriment.

Lo and behold, as time went on, the man could no longer tolerate his wife's constant overblown adoration. He couldn't stand her for one more minute. He begged the genie to undo his initial wish. The genie agreed for a price more than double the original fee.

And there was a tale of a baker who desired his yeast dough to overflow the bowl like magic. His wish was granted. However, his dough overflowed his house and filled the streets of his town. Who then longed to take back his wish?

You may say you don't like challenges, yet think again. How much is success worth when it wears on you? You may desire lots of success, yet attaining your wishes may not be all that attaining is cracked up to be.

You are entitled to enjoy the heights of success. You are also entitled to freedom from success as well. Enjoy whatever you receive. Count your lucky stars.

If what you receive has kinks in it, work out the kinks. And if there are no kinks in what comes, and all is perfect, then turn to your next adventure. You want adventure, don't you?

Then welcome adventure, and enjoy it. If you are snowshoeing through the arctic storms, enjoy the frosty cold. If you forge through a jungle in moccasins, enjoy the heat. Be glad for what you have.

If you have ice to skate on, be happy for the frozen water. If you have water to swim in, be happy for what you get.

Here's the story. You don't have to have your wishes come true at any given moment. Be glad for convenience, and be glad for inconvenience. Enjoy what life offers you at the moment you are offered it. Say, thank you. Wrest the joy from life either way. In life in the world, you are to enjoy any number of things, so enjoy what comes.

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