May. 7, 2016

Come, Fly Away with Me


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Heavenletter #5643 Come, Fly Away with Me, May 7, 2016 

God said: 

You, whosoever's eyes alight on this Heavenletter, it is to you I speak. It is your Heart I break into with the full intent of carrying you away with Me.

You wouldn't prefer that a pirate carry you off with him on the High Seas, would you? Or that an FBI agent steal you away to a Witness Protection Hide Away? Or a multi-millionaire to write you a check to take care of you for the rest of your life? Can you possibly prefer someone or something over Me? Say not so.

I am happy to take you with Me, so you can know, once and for all, that you are with Me. Yes, I will abscond with you gladly. Destination known before We take off.

Oh, yes, We could run off to Heaven as in a dream.

You might like to run off to the Grand Ball with Me, and We dance and dance, revolve around the world and whirl around planets and take off for the Moon and alight lightly upon the Stars.

Beloveds, I am not haphazard. I do not run off with you only once in a lifetime. I escort you any day of the week. I invite you at every moment. The past doesn't matter. I desire to be with you and have you be with Me. There are no exceptions. I am here for you. I do not change My mind. I don't delay. I show up every day in a beautiful carriage and say:

"Come with Me."

Do you imagine it could be easier for you to elope with a vagabond or a romantic character in a novel when all the while, you could put your hand in Mine, and off We go.

You would not go to uncharted territory with Me. Certainly, Our destination is assured. Call it what you will, Our Destiny is Truth, Vastness, Infinity, the Totality of Love, Heaven, as it were. We have so many places to visit and recollect.

You must know by now that I am the Love you seek. There is Great Love on the Earthly Plane of Life. If you really want to know Love greater than all the world, give Me your hand now and come with Me. Your eyes will open wide. You will see far. C'mon, see your dreams come true.

Here, let Me bestow Wonderment upon you. Let Me burst your bonds. Come, fly away with Me.

It is inevitable that you will take a Great Journey with Me. For Heaven's sakes, why would you dally and hem and haw?

Come, fly away with Me now. Accept My offer. Accept. Ah, for Us to be together. In this day and age, We can be together. I must reaffirm that We are always together, yet your eyes may glaze over, and, willingly or unwillingly, you look away.

Dear One, can you prefer to long for everything when We, you and I, are already betrothed? When We are already engaged in love? Where do you think Love comes from if not from Me? And where do you think your love goes to if not to Me? Where else would love come from?

You are thirsty, and I ask you to drink. It is unlikely that you would say:

"No thank You."

Yet you may forget in the middle of a sentence where you were and your mind wander off to something else you think of and must get up to do.

Let Me tell you something, lads and lassies. You may have millions of things to do when, all the while, all you have to do is to be with Me. Be with Me. Lean toward the God of All. I will lift you high and take you with Me to the Heart of Love where all treasure lies.

Of course, you always have the option of coming away with Me tomorrow or anon, yet today is a beautiful day for Our getting together. You can take care of Daily Life on Earth while you are on the High Road to Heaven with Me. Let Us embrace today.
Just say:

"Yes, beloved God, I will come with You. I do not have to go get my coat to put on before I fly away with You. I have only to put my hand in Yours as I look into Your eyes that have been calling to me for so long. Okay, God, here I am, my heart eager to entwine with Yours now without further ado.

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