May. 23, 2016

The Stars of the Universe

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Heavenletter #5658 The Stars of the Universe, May 22, 2016 

God said: 

Everything in the world is as you perceive it or misperceive it. There is understanding and misunderstanding and jumping to conclusions. Offenses came into being. Obligation entered the world. Heartache grew. The concept of foe grew. All the opposites were firmly planted. The unwanted grew. Weeds of thought took over. The world became haphazard and hazardous.

It hasn't been an easy thing to choose to leave Earth, nor is it always charming to stay.

Words expanded the Universe while words also cut the Universe down. People were construed in wild ways and struck down, sorted and classified according to who-knows-what.

How brief was life for a human being on Earth, and how long it took.

Time was bowed down to. Space cost money. Water became sparse and charged for. There were all kinds of shortages in the world.

There grew a shortage on Earth of heart. Hearts withered as though heartlessness were a sought-after treasure. Heartlessness was no rarity.

Blame was perpetuated upon Earth. It grew like a vine. It took over the fields. No one could escape the vine of blame although some blamed more or less vigorously.

Nevertheless, the daily miracles of life continued.

I saw beyond what you in the world saw. You forgot to look up at the sky. Wherever you looked, you saw errors, and you counted them. This is how you learned arithmetic, and the world told you that pointing out fault was a good thing.

Man thought he had mastered the Universe. He couldn't even master himself. He appointed himself an expert. He was an expert at craziness.

Man figured Life on Earth to bow down to him. He exalted himself at the same time as he went to pot.

Stewards of the Universe fell down on their work. They vehemently sought gain and admired selfishness as if it were a diamond in the Sun.

Nevertheless, the Sun came out loyally. Light on Earth never stopped. The Sun was so often, it wasn't heeded. Rarity became valued.

You, My children, wore masks. You found many ways to hide. Worst of all, you hid Truths from yourself. Lies were invented and believed in and strewn upon the Earth.

This is a short history of how woe was born to the world. History was a mistake of the intellect. History was a resounding mistake of the intellect. Bells were not rung. Hands were wrung, and wells wrung dry.

Pandora's Box was opened. Now it is closing. The era of suffering is on its way out. Woe is backing away. There is no longer place for sacrifice on Earth.

Life is to be honored. The human heart is gaining ascendancy. The world is growing in divinity divinely.

The herald angels sing. Music of the spheres and hemispheres is being renewed. The Earth is coming out of its confinement.

Love is being let loose upon the world.

Love is remembered, and love is recharged.

Vastness is accruing. Disharmony is receding. There is no place for disharmony. Disharmony is no longer possible. Harmony has risen. Harmony sings its own song.

Love has been let loose from its cave. Love can no longer be withheld. Love sings itself loud and clear.

Love is no longer disputed.

Assonance has replaced dissonance.

No longer can Expression of Love be held down.

You and the world expand together.

No longer does shallowness or callousness exist. There never was a place for less than Greatness. That which is not lovely recedes.

The world is now a hop, skip, and jump away from Elegance. Consider now that Beauty of Life has been declared and accepted.

No one any longer is an island unto himself. Islands no longer exist.

The world is covered in splendor.

Stars were born and honored. You, My Children, are the Stars of the Universe. I have announced your Presence. You arrived long ago, yet may not yet be clear about who you always have been. It is you who lights up the world. You are the Light upon Earth. You are the Sun. Who is the Savior of the World? Why, it's you.

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