May. 25, 2016

Embrace Oneness

Embrace Oneness

God said:

If a photograph could be taken of Oneness, it would be taken with the Radiant Light of My Heart. A photograph would expose My Heart right out in the open. Even so, no photo could contain Me.

Oneness is not blurred, yet there are no edges. Wholeness cannot have edges, for there are no cliffs to be defined.

What would an embrace of Oneness look like?

You are very close to understanding the Oneness of Fullness.

You might see Oneness as a pin-dot in the middle of a blank screen. You might see Oneness simply as Fullness. There is no end to Fullness. No beginning to Fullness either. There is no middle, no half, no here, no there. There is no defining Oneness. Oneness cannot be delineated.

Heart Strings are loose. No matter what you name Oneness -- Infinity, Wholeness, Vastness -- there is no getting away from it. There is room for everyone and everything -- even as there is no space. There is the Nothingness of Fullness.

With Oneness, Fullness, Vastness, there is nothing to point to. There are no points, yet there is importance. There is a Clarity of Knowingness even as what I say cannot be grasped. It is a Knowingness. Enough said -- Knowingness makes an impression on you.

Hail to Oneness and all Great Fullness and Infinite Infinity.

No artist could paint Infinity. No child with crayons could color in Infinity. No sculptor could sculpt it. Infinity is Vast. There is no Vaster than Vast.

Nothing can be added to Infinity, nor can anything be taken away from Infinity. Infinity cannot be measured, nor is there any departing from it.

Only the finite can be added up or subtracted or multiplied or divided or factored or equated.

Oneness and Infinity cannot be documented. They cannot be documented because of the very fact that they are not finite. Only what is finite can be documented. No, Greatness does not have to be seen in order to be believed. Believe, and you will sense that you are immersed in Oneness. Oneness is.

In Infinity, there are no words. There are no maps. If there were maps to Infinity, you wouldn't be able to read them. In Infinity, there are no pointers along the way. There is nothing to point to.

When you perceive Infinity, there is nothing else outside it.

What is happiness? Happiness is Infinity. Infinity is Infinity by whatever name or music it is put to.

Let's walk around Infinity even as it can't be walked around or entered or exited. The fact is that you have never left Infinity or been anywhere else. Where you abide and where you think you abide are not the same. You already roam the range of Infinity. You can’t get away from Infinity, and there is no range to it.

Infinity! Here We come!

Infinity is not a shot in the dark. It is a certainty. You already know Infinity. You can feel it. You can experience it even as you are Infinity Itself. You are a Knower of Reality. Infinity is your home ground even as Infinity has no markers. You are the Wholeness of Everything, yet you do not exist except in attachment. In Infinity you are. That may be all We can say.

You are not light and shadow. You are Light. Words cannot begin to say, yet all words express Oneness. Even in multiplicity, Oneness stars. Multiplicity is a made-up function the mind plays in. Multiplicity is akin to pre-school activities. Just the same, there are no detours from Infinity.

There is no getting away from Truth. There is no multiplicity, yet you play in multiplicity. You make patty-cakes until you discover that you are Reality. You are the Maker, the Observer, and the Made all in One.

I, God, welcome My Self to My Self in the erstwhile form you play around in.