May. 27, 2016

From Whence Flows Love?

From Whence Flows Love?

God said:

When you squeeze your heart, this is when you feel anguish in your heart. Heart-squeezing is the cause of all anguish.

You make the decision to squeeze your heart shut. You may say that what you feel is out of your hands. Someone says or does something, and you may say you can't help how you feel. Who can help? I don't see anyone else but you.

So think again, dear ones. A buzzer rings -- you choose that this has to be a signal for you to respond to. You are the interpreter and decider of signals that go off. A smoke alarm goes off in your kitchen while you are broiling. You conclude the meaning of the smoke alarm. No matter how many times, the smoke alarm has been a false alarm, you jump at it. You react to certain signals in certain ways. Fear has been overdone, beloveds.

Fear certainly seems real. You react to fear. It may be natural, yet it is not inevitable.

Will you kindly turn your attention away from fear to love? Anticipate love. Have your heart set to a chime of love. Adjust your heart to welcome love, no more fear. Adjust your heart to a setting of love, love coming in and love going out.

Love is circular. Love does go around. Love is your connector to Heaven. Love is your true expression. Set your heart to love and joy. Set your atoms to love. Rejoice. Love is at hand. Love is here, and more love is on its way.

Let love be your choice. Let fear go by the wayside.

If you were a fish, We would say that love is the water you swim in. As for you, love is your element. Allow love to be the very air you breathe. Let Love be your True Name.

You are here on Earth to circulate love. You are the adjudicator of love. Don't decide love, however. Radiate it. Be it.

Remember Love, and don't forget it. Love is your fortune. Like the three little pigs, you go out into the world to seek your fortune, it's true, yet love is your fortune to give. Give your fortune away. Send your fortune of love out into the world.

Play your cards. Let every card you play be named Love. Give love everywhere to everyone. Be of good cheer. No longer for one minute are you to withhold love. You have nothing to prove but love. All require love and are worthy of your love. Love.

Love makes a touch-down, and the herald angels sing. Yes, Love flows. Love is the Course of Life. There is no good reason for Love to ever flounder.

Until you give love from your heart, you are a stranger to yourself. Take love into your own hands. Love right now. There is no debate. You are My Heir to Love. It is your inheritance. Love is not to pick and choose or shop around and save. Love is not to be warehoused. Love is to be like the stars that shine freely for all. Love is to be like the sun that shines for all irrespective of anything. Love is to be the snow that falls from which you rise. You are a Being of Love.

Who is to be the object of your love? This no need to figure this out. Everyone is meant to be the object of your love. You are the subject of love. You are to hand love out. Strew love. There is love to spare. Love multiplies. Start now. Take Love out from hiding. Turn on all four burners of love. Love is a blessing that is yours to give. From whence comes Love? It comes from Me. From whence flows My love? My love flows through your heart.