Jun. 2, 2016

Make Room

Make Room

God said:

Take what I say to heart. I say you are eminently worthy of regard. You are to be welcomed and respected in the world.

At the same time, what the world says about you is not meant to be your point of reference. The world is not your God. I AM. Take what I say to heart. Do not take to heart whatever the world and those in it may carelessly make of you. Whether the world makes a lot or a little of you, the world is not the measure of you, nor is anyone in the world the measure of you.

It would be grand if the world would make much of you. This would be common courtesy. Look for it, and may you find it. From your side, be sure you make others welcome to this world. Wherever you are, everyone who walks in is to be made much of -- welcomed, hugged, treasured, regarded as a God-given soul. When the world welcomes you, you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself, you grow faster and feel strong. You blossom. When the world contracts you, your growth is contracted. What are you going to give?

I did not create you for anyone to make you feel small. I certainly did not create you to be taken aback and hurt by whatever anyone may say about you or begrudge you.

I created you to be honored by everyone, and for you to honor everyone. This is across the board. Whatever you may personally think about someone, how silly you may think someone is, or how outright wrong you may think someone is, no matter how impolite you may have been, no matter how offended you may feel, you are to respect everyone's right to be on this Earth to learn and grow, for this is how you grow. You are here to plant seeds that will nourish the world.

Every word you say is heard around the world. Every thought that crosses your mind resounds. No matter what you personally may feel, it's not for you to champion bad feelings, not yours nor another's.

Be sensitive toward others, and less sensitive when it comes to yourself. You are not here on Earth to reproach the world or anyone who lives in this world along with you. Be open-hearted when it comes to the world and all those who are here to share the world with you.

Of course, every human being lives in a world different from yours, for everyone has his own way of being. Classes in school may be grouped homogeneously whereas much of life in the world is grouped as it is, spontaneously and diversely. The world is for everyone, and you are to make space in your heart for everyone. No one is obligated to think like you and see like you and act according to you, did you really think they were?

I give you Free Will. You, too, must allow others the Free Will to think as they do. We are talking about citizens of the world from whatever country they hail and from whatever culture and customs. It is possible for you to give some space in the world to those you are diametrically opposed to. It is no skin off your teeth. Regardless of differences, the world belongs to everyone. You are not to be the naysayer of the world. You don't have to be the yea-sayer either. What you are to do is to allow a place for everyone.

Words, such as better are comparative, therefore, relative. No matter what you think of others, everyone is better than another in some way or another. Another person may be more open than you. Make room for everyone in this world to roam. Make room.