Jun. 4, 2016

When the Sun Sets

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Heavenletter #5671 When the Sun Sets, June 4, 2016 

God said: 

The Setting Sun. When the sun sets, no one bemoans it. Everyone knows that, when there is sunset, sunrise follows and vice versa. This is how the world is set up. There is no past when it comes to life. Only in world thought is there such a thing as past. In Truth, there is no future. There just is Is-ness. Is-ness is Infinity. Being-ness is Infinity. Beingness is. Infinity is.

The World of Doing is the relative world. I do not put down the relative world. I understand very well it's enormous importance to you. Nevertheless, the relative world is the world of illusion. Illusion also serves a purpose. The world of illusion, regardless of its significance, is not Truth.

Sunset and sunrise are two aspects of what is referred to as contrasting or opposite.

In Truth, there is Oneness. Oneness runs on a continuum. There are no sections of Oneness.

When it comes to living in the world, you see life as having a finality, as if the exit of a body is all there is to life, that life itself ends with the end of the body. This is how it may look from the surface.

True, bodies die, yet no body is the extent of anyone you love or anyone you have never even met or anyone that ever was in the history of the world. Everyone is Infinite and Eternal. Life never ever ends. So long as you may live applies only to so long as your body may live. Your body lives on Earth. In what is called death and in what is called life, you are anchored in the Land of Truth where there is no cease to life.

Truth is not on and off. Truth is not hit or miss. Life is not hazardous. Life is Life. It doesn't start and stop. Life is ongoing. Life is permanent. Once you have come to life, you exist. Your existence continues.

I was not short-sighted when I created life in the world. There is no being knocked out for the count. Why, the body that carts you around is just a shell. Certainly, the shell is not you. It is not you at all. You are far mightier than any body. There is so much more to you than the life of your body no matter how beautiful the body and/or the world life that bodies play their roles in may be.

Regarding what you call death, it could be said that a bullet of life has been spent, and all that is left on Earth to see is the casing.

You, yourself, and everyone reach far beyond the circumference of any body. Certainly, your body is a Miracle in Creation. Nevertheless, your body is a drop in the bucket. This Vibrating Essence of you, the heart and soul of you, the true identity of you, far exceed the body. As blessed you are to be in your body, the body is nothing compared to the True Essence of You, the Soul That Breaks All Boundaries. The body has physical properties. The Soul of you flies away, and the body is left behind. The essence of you steps out of your body the same way you may step out of your trousers at the end of the day.

A body is sentient only when accompanied by its Soul.

The Soul isn't left behind. We could say – and I will say -- your soul is like a great cup of coffee, whereas the body is equivalent to the ground coffee beans that gave all the flavor they had to give and now get tossed into the compost.

A body can only go so far.

Those of you who have seen a body when its Soul has moved on, you have seen the body without its Soul. You have seen that the body, which no longer carries its Soul, is empty. As much as you loved your beloved in the physical, the physical without its Soul turns to dust. It is the Soul you grieve for, yet your beloved's Soul is still with you.

This transition is hard for you to take, yet to your loved one's Soul, this transition happens so naturally. The Soul doesn't fight. All Souls know far far more than your individuality can accept. Your Soul, too, knows what you as an individual resist. Let your Soul lead you, for your Soul flies with angels.

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