Jun. 12, 2016

You Have a Decision to Make

You Have a Decision to Make

God said:

Heartache is a habit, beloveds. Alas, you may say you feel heartache, disappointment, and misery. You may feel a lack of peace more often than you feel peace. You are right when you say that life isn't supposed to be like this.

Certainly, you are in the habit of reacting to life with a certain amount of drama. It is safe to say that your beautiful heart is not so beautiful when you preoccupy yourself with your perception of the dangers lurking around for you in life.

Metaphorically speaking, you are ready to fall off a cliff. You are chased by lions and tigers. You are on the verge of darkness. You are lost in the forests of danger. You fear attack, and you feel defenseless.

You may think you do not have the courage, yet you do have the courage. However, you go out into the world every day, not to seek your fortune, but to stave off what you see as danger. You are ready for danger. Be ready for good fortune instead.

If you are immersed in the idea of protecting yourself and you have no armor, you are wary of danger. Life is not fun for you when you are in the process of protecting yourself from fear.

You may consider this as practical. I have to ask you: How practical is it for you to perceive danger when you feel defenseless? So, you may hunt danger and run away from it at the same time. You are out in the world bare-chested, and the sky could fall on you.

What is the point of protecting yourself when you see danger around every corner and feel so vulnerable? What is practical about this?

You hover over a generalized danger to strike out at.

Better to be innocent of danger, dear ones, for if you keep looking for danger, surely it will find you around every corner. Rather, you will find it. No longer focus on danger, hurt, altercation and so on.

You ask: Can't it be that danger may reach you by surprise anyway? Certainly. Meanwhile, participate in freedom from danger. Enjoy it the same way you enjoy when have loose change in your pocket.

Worry is definitely a worry. Worry is not meant to be the focus of your life. Please, do not even think of worry before peace. Gravitate to peace.

You do have choice. The choice is yours. At the very least, you can set yourself in a favorable direction. What map are you looking at and going by? What do you want to rely on? Then rely on innocence and moving forward.

I would also add that you allow Me to guide you. Where you think you wind up may not be at all where you wind up. You have your point of view. Remember, your point of view could be a grudge and nothing more.

You may be thinking: "How unserving can God be to me?"

You might rather ask yourself: "How unserving can my thoughts be?"

Whose thoughts do you hold onto? What if you could let go of old ways of thinking? What if you held more promising ways of thinking? How might you feel then?

It makes no sense that you would give up on your life so readily. Have you, perhaps, been giving your life away to discouragement? Must you favor discouragement and make it more powerful than encouragement?

Be your own best friend. No matter what, you can still be your own best friend. No longer abandon yourself. Rewrite your story.

Sons and daughters, I am not your enemy. No matter what has befallen you, I am looking out for you. That you don’t understand what is going on is one thing. That you disparage yourself is another.

Support yourself, beloveds. At the very least, support yourself.