Jun. 16, 2016

God Texts You

Heavenletter #5683 Published on: June 16, 2016

God said:

It matters very much that you reverberate to the sound of My Voice and the corresponding beat of My Heart. Hear the rhythm of the Messages I vibrate to you. There is more than words. There is nothing more than Love.

You are revitalized with My Love. You are opening up to All That Is. We rebound. We surge. We connect. The whole world is plugged into Our Love. Love is Our Message.

Listen. Do you hear the Bounty Main of Our Love? Our Love flows. All love flows to and fro. This is the concert We listen to. Hail to Love, the Concert of the Love of the Universe. Free Admission. Twenty-four hours a day. No day skipped.

There is a Perennial Song that has been sung again and again. This song can never be heard enough. It certainly cannot be heard too much. The music gets louder. The music is taking over the world. It is sung to the High Heavens. The music comes from the High Heavens.

Celestial music is within you. There is a Whirlwind of Music that is taking over the world. The beat is unforgettable. There is no escaping it. This music is coming to the forefront of the world. Everyone can hear. It takes no special tuning. Everyone is attuned to this music. You were always attuned to it. You are flooded with this music that sweeps you up. You do not hesitate. The absorption of this music is automatic. This music cannot be withstood.

You hear this music so well that you recognize that this music was composed for you. You are also ultimately the composer of this music. In any case, you sing it, and you sing it for all you are worth. This music is easy to express. And, so, you express this unnamed music. You have to express it. You have no hesitation.

You dance to this music. You radiate it. You stir the Heavens with the beat of this unstoppable music. This music must be expressed, and you must express it. You are caught up in it. This music belongs to everyone, and everyone sings it to beat the band.

It is the Music of Your Soul. This music radiates like the sun. It is the Sun of the World. This music will out. Nothing can substitute for it.

You have received your marching orders, as it were, only you dance as you have never danced before. You dance to the beat of My heart. There is nothing like it. The world has been taken over. The world is pleased to be taken over. Now it is like flowers have echoed from your heart. Vines of Flowers come from Heaven, and Vines of Flowers from you also grow to Heaven. To Heaven or from Heaven – it is all the same. Flowers are the Fruit of Heaven, and flowers are also the Boon to and from Heaven.

You wear a Crown of Flowers. You are the Spirit of Flowers. You swoon at the Realization of Flowers. You resonate with flowers, and nothing else exists but flowers. Scent and color meld until there is nothing but flower and color beyond color and music beyond music. You know the secret of the Universe now. You know wonder as wonder.

You dance to the beat of the band. You hold one sweet note. Everything is included. Nothing is left out. You burst with the music. You cannot stop it. You carry the music, and the music carries you. You are the music and the beat and the words of the song, and you are the dancing, for the Music and the Dance and the Universe are One.