Jun. 19, 2016

Light Bends

Heavenletter #5684 Published on: June 17, 2016

God said:

Light even bends, yet it is not said that Light gives in. Light conserves energy. This is Light choosing the opposite of wasting energy. Light steps over or steps around an obstacle, big or little. Light isn't selling out. Light isn't caving in. Light isn't submitting. Light isn't giving up its ideas. Light isn't capitulating. Light doesn't fight to the end. Light bends and moves over and goes forward.

When it is possible to bend a little, stubborn resistance doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense for My beloveds to fight the Course of Life as with sword and spear.

It's okay to bend a little. In fact, when it comes to life, and a deed is done, no matter how opposed you may be to an Act of Life, once the deed is done, it cannot be revoked no matter how you storm. What sense does it make to fight with all your might that which has already occurred?

The bending We speak of here is the same as letting go of the past. You know -- what is done is done.

Pride doesn't enter in. As a matter of fact, this is how you are undefeated. Life is not a matter of winning or losing. Life is not to be thought of as defeat or victory. Life is Life.

It is not that you are compromising yourself with Life either. You simply let go of kicking and screaming. You pick yourself up, and you keep going.

When you don't get your own way in Life, it means only that, in this instance, you didn't get your own way or the way you thought was yours. You don't just keep sitting there trembling.

It is not for you to blame Life or Me or anyone.

Remind yourself that Life does not have to kowtow to your desires. When Life seems to overlook what you want, it is not for you to take it personally. You have not been taken aside for a punishment of one kind or another.

Whether you have a broken fingernail or a broken heart, this makes every difference to you, yet in the long and short of life, there is no profit in your taking anything personally, pro or con.

I love you the same now as I did an hour ago. My love is constant. My love is yours day in and day out. Life is like the Sun that shines. Life does not set out to give you sunburn. Life does not set out to perpetuate punishment upon you. Life itself has an impartiality. Do not take Life amiss. Life does not set out to hurt you. It could be you hurt yourself.

When Life appears to be opposed to you, and you convict Life of unfairness, you don a hair shirt, and it is you who beats yourself up.

Be cautious about judging Life and Life's occurrences.

Be impartial. Do not make Life your victim. Do not make yourself Life's victim either.

If you fall down the stairs, you are the one who falls down the stairs. If you fall down the stairs, it is you who picks yourself up.

Look, in Life, there is no one to point your finger at. No crime has been committed no matter how much it may seem so to you. Life played itself out one way and not another. Pick yourself up, and get into another arena. It is not for you to put yourself down for the count and stay there. You are not waiting for a medic to pronounce you a hapless victim and give you resuscitation, nor are you waiting for a judge to say that Life has assaulted you and offer you restitution.

It is for you to move right along and pick up the next heartbeat of Life. Go meet it. Don't you ever give up on Life. Embrace Life again and again.