Jun. 27, 2016

When You Win the Lottery, Life Is Okay

God said:

Acceptance and understanding are not synonymous. If you seek complete understanding of Life before you accept Life, you are then arguing with Life. It is wiser of you to accept Life as it is. It is better not to dispute Life. Take Life as it comes. You know very well you can't stand in front of the Ocean and stem the tide.

Of course, when you win the lottery, Life is okay. At times like this, you cheer Life on. Life is your good friend, and you are well-pleased. You call hitting the jackpot big time as a win. On the other hand, when Life drops something in your lap that is contrary to your will, you call it a loss. You see a loss and feel a loss as a tragedy.

You are opposed to taking Life as it comes when Life isn't what you want. Your heart is wounded. You take it personally. Life was not supposed to let this happen, let alone do it to you. And so you judge Life wanting and yourself as a victim. Tragedy lingers.

In the world, heartache is relative. You register heartache on some kind of scale. There are greater and lesser heartaches. Some are disappointments and last a day or two. Some are great heartbreaks, and you may never get over them, though, by and by, some of your bitterness fades. You may not get over it all, yet, as hurtful and even unbelievable as it is, the offense and shock are less.

The worst happened. Some of My children may get over it, yet not everyone can seem to. This is where you can turn the tide.

When Moses cried out, "Let my people go," the Pharaoh would not let the people go.

Now it is for you to ask yourself to let the past and resentment go. Dear Ones, whatever the crime Life has committed, let the pain of it go.

You may feel attacked by Life, yet Life is not directed at you. Life isn't picking on you.

It may be the hardest thing you have ever done – to let go of your take on Life, yet you've got to let bygones be bygones.

You've got to let go of the idea that Life or God is out to get you. It isn't so. Some survive a tornado, and some do not. Some loved ones stay intact, and some loved ones lose their physical lives. You just can't hold a grudge. Holding a grudge is the same as taking doses of poison.

You've got to let go of the idea of blame. Some children, if they trip or fall, have learned to blame the sidewalk. Bad sidewalk. All that can be known for a fact is that a child fell and scraped his knee. Not even the sidewalk needs to be made into a villain, and, surely, there is no victim. Part of life is tripping over something. It is you who calls the cost high or low. Some events in life are too terrible to think of, and yet they happen. In every case, you have to pick yourself up and keep going.

In order to have what you perceive as a great loss, you had to have a previous great gain. Be grateful for the joy you did have. Restore sweetness to your life. Bitterness is no blessing. Be done with bitterness. Do not say even to yourself: "How can I let go of this hurt?"

Let go of the vise you have clamped your heart with. Apologize to yourself, and apologize to your loved ones who want to see you happy.

Get out of mourning. In tribute to a loved one whose body disappeared from the face of the Earth, arise and greet the morning dew and greet the Sun that evaporates the dew. Greet the world, and greet Life. Life is a fine thing to have. Life is not a contest, and you are not to take sides. Wipe your tears. Give Life another chance. Live and love another day. Make peace with yourself.