Jul. 6, 2016



God said:

Do not always hold yourself responsible for others' growth or their reluctance to grow. I know you don't want to offend anyone, and, yet you do not want to jump around to please everyone else all the time. You may have done that enough. No longer do you want to put your personal feelings aside and spend your life pandering to others. This is the bind you may find yourself in. The tough question is: Whom are you going to represent in your Life -- you or every one else?

You may have an idolized picture of yourself spreading only joy to everyone. You would love that. As it is, you may have long followed the path of least resistance, going along with too many others' perceived needs over your own, for your not having learned yet how to represent yourself.

Enough of representing others to the exclusion of yourself, for then, you may find you may have built-up many little resentments for little things, and you react perhaps more than is called for. You overreact.

You begin to notice that you are irate inside, and you may start to infringe on another because, at the moment, you are caught up in making up for lost time, setting the world straight on your rights of representation.

You may see yourself as needing to rally around a cause. The cause may become your outrage to another and compassion for yourself.

You may feel the wind taken out of your sails. It may be that this seeming other had the wind taken out of his sails that has nothing to do with you personally, yet you may take it personally.

The real point here is that misunderstandings are commonplace. There is no need to take every misunderstanding to heart, for then, drama often takes over. You are not in a dire situation. Your feelings got bruised, that's all, and you may feel adamant to set the record straight.

Truly, there is little in Life that warrants your heavy-handedness. When you come down to it, you often flare up because of something that will work itself out without your interference. You get riled.

If a flower wilts, if a flower loses its dynamism, you are not offended by the flower's wilting. You do not take it as a personal offense, yet when a friend loses interest in you or in something dear to you, now you may take offense.

Restore your own equilibrium, and you will no longer judge others' actions or inactions. Hasn't this been a story of your life? Taking offense because someone else sees Life differently from you?

No one has to make amends to you, nor do you have to make amends with everyone else. Make amends with yourself for believing you must depend upon enormous support and approval from everywhere.

Time and time again, I tell you that you are to let go of seeing yourself as in need.

You don't need people to be one way or another. What you need right now is let people be as they happen to be. You do not require their fealty. Other people don't have to be what you would wish them to be no matter what you may wish them to be. The person to improve is you.

If you have great need for support, then support yourself. You may feel overlooked by the world when you are the one who is overlooking yourself. Why do you keep relying on those who aren't following your path as you would wish? If this is your case, who is it who doesn't get it? My guess is that it is you.

Start listening and seeing now. You are ready for leadership, if not for others as yet, but for yourself. Lead yourself, dear ones, and not bounce so much off others' lives.