Jul. 11, 2016

Keep on Dreaming

Keep on Dreaming

God said:

I am big on dreams. Have them. Dreaming is setting your sights on what you would like.

Watch out, however, that you don't turn yearning into a kind of begging for leniency. You are My child, and not a beggar. You do not ask Me for a hand-out. You do not put all your eggs in one basket. You are not hapless. You are not helpless. You have a will.

When you say: "God's Will, not my will," this does not mean to accept poverty as your lot, for instance. For Heaven's sakes, it is My Will that you prosper. When you are in a desert and you are thirsty, you don't have time to theorize, to sit there wishing for a well of water to appear, so you get up to find water.

I can work miracles. There is no doubt of that. At the same time, let it be your will to get up and seek water. Relying on Me doesn't mean you just sit there as if you were incapable of getting up.

Remind yourself that responsibility is not blame. Don't blame Me for your troubles, and don't blame yourself, and don't blame anyone else. What you may be emphasizing in your mind likely needs an overhaul.

If you focus on need and helplessness, odds are you will have need and helplessness. Be patient with life while you also come up with ideas. Go for a new vision. Go for a new compilation of how you could see differently when you choose to. Be open to new ways. Desire, yet not be limited to desire. Take some steps. It may be baby steps you take before you see a new horizon before you.

Feel yourself taking hold of your life. Your appreciation of life is in your hands.

Relying on Me does not let you off the hook. Let it sink in on you that you have responsibility, and that you have some thinking and rethinking to do. Rely on Me, yes, and also rely on your Self. Find a way to take responsibility. This responsibility you take is like painting a different picture of your situation. Begin somewhere. Remind yourself that you are not a victim. It is easy to feel victimized, yet you are not to succumb to defeat. Get out of that mode. Get out of thinking: "Poor me."

Think instead: "When I change my thinking, I change my life."

If you picture yourself a poor soul, how does that help you move on? It is for you to move on. If you are in the doldrums, walk out of them. Your thoughts preview your life.

Yes, some lives certainly appear easier than other lives. Yes, some people are more lucky than you. This is not the issue, dear ones. The issue is: "What are you going to do to change your life now?"

The first thing to do is to change your thinking. Consider that you are competent. If you can get yourself into a dour situation, you can get yourself out of it. For every question you have, its answer lies within you. Find a way to not get caught up in misery. Let some lights go on in your mind and heart.

What thoughts are you telling yourself? Your mind tells your heart what to feel. Your mind can tell your heart to feel upbeat just as your mind can tell your heart to feel down.

You have habits of thinking. Develop new habits of thinking. Off with the old, and on with the new. Clothes do not make the man. The tenor of your thoughts make the man and the woman and the little child.

Oh, yes, even when you have no choice in the outer world, you have choice. Your life is not lived only on the surface. There is a deeper place where you live from.

Look, life is not always an easy assignment. This is no secret.

Let not your life be your cross to bear. Do not believe that you are meant to suffer. Suffering and sacrifice are not My Will for you. Believe Me. Go by Me. Change what you take stock in. See how you feel. See how you silently create possibilities and make them come true.