Jul. 11, 2016

Happy New Day Celebration

Happy New Day Celebration

God said:

Oh, yes, the New Year is celebrated. Let Us celebrate every day of the New Year this time around in the Year numbered 2016 in books and on cards. There is no time except as time is perceived and touted, yet the world celebrates time as if it were as real as real can be.

I suggest a new holiday called Happy New Day Celebration. Filled with love, let Us celebrate this Happy New Day. The bells are ringing. Hear the clarion bells welcoming the New Day. Let Us celebrate every roll-out of Life in the World.

To celebrate a New Year is not a enough. Let Us celebrate Continuing Life. Let Us love every moment of Life. Let Us take Our hats off to each and every New Cycle of the Moon and the Sun and each Being on Earth.

How full the days are. They always appear -- appear to appear, that is. The world notices days. There are Calendars of the Days in common reference to Life on Earth.

Why not celebrate every day, beloveds? Why not honor each and every day? Let Us not say things under our breath that choose one day over another as though days were a contest. Let's celebrate Infinity – this is more like it. Thank God for Life, Life that is far more than survival.

Survival is not good enough. To make it through Life is not good enough. To put an X on a calendar is not good enough. To mark a day off is not good enough. Passing a day is not good enough. Getting through life by the skin of your teeth is nowhere near enough. Only appreciation is good enough. Know that you are worthy. Know your Treasures.

Life vibrates! You are a vibration. So vibrate the High Notes. Sing a Song of Love. Hark, the herald Angels. Life is here right now. Exalt Life. Exalt your presence in this rotating Game of Life.

Herald yourself. The King is here. The King of Your Life has been born. You are a valiant hero. Sing out all the tunes that yearn to be sung.

You may see your Life as very sad, yet that is hardly tribute to Life. Will you usher in a New Day and get past the sadness? Haven't you had enough of sadness? You already know sadness backwards and forwards.

Will you argue with Me? I tell you that you are Rich in Life. You have been bequeathed Life. Take Life in your hands and live it. Ring out Love of Life. Determine your Life. Rise and shine!

What if you did leap out of bed each and every morning? What if you did feel that Life blesses you forevermore? Forevermore echoes Life as it mounts its white charger and disperses Life and Love right and left. Display yourself. No more riding into the sunset. Sunset signals an end. There is no end to Life. Life is ever-present.

Dear Ones, you are Immortal. I speak not of your physical body. Every single One on Earth is Immortal. If only you would believe Me. Hear the Music of Life ringing in your ears. There is a pulse to Life. Be enlivened in Life. Enliven Life.

You may feel that you are supposed to be swept away by Life when, all the while, you are to enlighten Life. You are to shine My Light on Earth. Sure, I am Omnipresent and Omnipotent. There isn't anything I can't do. Yet, I singularly rely on you to sweep the world toward the High Heavens. You are the Disseminator of My Will.

You are alive on Earth to create the World You Want. You create the world for you, and, also you create the world for far more than you. A Creator of the World thinks beyond himself. What kind of a world would it be that individuals would create just for themselves? What would be the point of creating Life just for individual gain? Doesn't make sense, does it? Why bother creating a world only for individual profit? This profits no one.

Of course, you are to bestow profit on every Being in the world. This does not make you High and Mighty. This makes you Love. Create Love, and you will Be Love. There is nothing in the world that you desire more than to love. Loving and giving Love outdo receiving love. You are the Creator of Love, so be it.

Be the Herald Angel of Love.