Jul. 22, 2016

Love Yourself, Love Yourself, Love Yourself

Love Yourself, Love Yourself, Love Yourself

God said:

Yes, yes, I hear you, My children. Sometimes you say that you feel like Heaven has forgotten you. You say you feel like your life is going nowhere. You haven't found true love, and you struggle financially. You feel that no one really knows you, well, except Me, though you may doubt Me. Nevertheless, you are a good-hearted caring person ready to help others, and then you feel like you don't receive all the help you require in return.

I understand "feel like."

Because you have not yet found true love, does not mean you won't. Nor does it mean that you have to. And, of course, you know that you are not the first one to ever feel forgotten, left out, overlooked, ignored, undervalued.

I respect your feelings. Your feelings are true enough, yet I have to ask you, do you really believe this? Would you sign your name to a confession and have it sealed by a notary and forward it to Me? Would you send Me such a document? Don't attest to being forlorn. There are better adjectives to apply to yourself.

Do you think that I skip around loving some of My children while casting some others aside? This is a trap you set for yourself. What if the bottom line is that I love everyone? I do love everyone without exception. What pitfall of thinking have you fallen into?

What if you spent your heart and mind in thinking how loved you are rather than affirming a picture of abandonment?

What? Do you think that every single desire of yours has to come true? Do you really believe that if every single desire of yours has to come true, and, if every desire of yours does not come true, this then is proof that you are not loved?

If you really believed this, then you would really believe that I do not love any of My children, for everyone born under the sun may leave the Earth with some desires unfulfilled. It is safe to say that everyone loses a parent to what the world calls death. Some parents lose a child. How many on Earth find true love? How many have all the money they desire? So far as I know – and I am not knocking $'s – whether in the bank or in your hand, money does not always cure heartache.

Do you think that relative life in the world has been singled out as punishment? Do you think I am a God Who thinks up punishments? If that were the case, what would be the point of Life on Earth? What would be the point in My creating Creation and creating you? I do not look for a punching bag.

Nor am I telling you, dear one, to start thinking about others who have it harder than you. Don't do that. We both know that many who wail eat, have some income, etc. Does it feel to you that I am coming down hard on you now? I ask you to get up off your knees, dear angel. I ask you to get up off the couch of despair.

Thank God that you can give service to Me through your service to others, yet never do I ask you to be a martyr. I am not in favor of sacrifice. Give what you can give without expectation. Otherwise, you are not giving. You are making a trade. You may not be aware that it is a trade, for the trade is not out in the open.

Life, as it is seen in the world, is not fair. But here’s the thing, you do not yet have the vision to see the world as fair. This is the plight you face.

The relative world, as it is presently seen, is all about comparisons and contrasts. From there, nit-picking rises, and the world finds all these checks and balances. Beloved, you are not on Earth to keep auditing records.

Keep your dreams. Go forward. When you feel unloved and/or unlucky, you have thrown up your hands, and you have given up on the beautiful life you are meant to have.

Be the love you seek. Be the financial stability. Be the Creator of what you desire. See yourself with new eyes. See yourself as I see you.

Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself.