Jul. 22, 2016

Within You Lies Innate Power

Within You Lies Innate Power

God said:

We are One. You relegate yourself to the concept that I carry you inside Me or to the concept that somehow you have Me within you as a secret place you cannot quite reach or touch. Of course, you cannot touch Me. Right now you are focused on your senses. It is a far deeper level than touch that will come into play.

What you can do is KNOW Me, and know Me as One with you. It seems to be a hard stretch for you to make sense of Our Sacred Oneness.

Even as One means One, you have noticed that pronouns referring to Me in Heavenletters are capitalized and pronouns referring to you are in small case. This is how you want it right now – to distinguish Who is who. You want to be able to tell us apart.

For practical purposes then, start seeing you and Me coming closer and closer. There is merit for you to conceive that We are somehow swimming together in any format that you can picture Our Union in. Right now, the best you can do may be to think of yourself as a satellite sun smaller than the Great Sun. Obviously, in your present state, as you see it, it cannot be that the one who is carried and the One Who is carrying can be equal. You are not quite able to fathom otherwise.

You are aware that I do not suffer. You are very aware of your suffering and the suffering of every human being you know and every human being you do not know. Let's put it another way:

You have the innate power within you – within the Being of you – within the Higher Power and Truth of you -- to change the world. In order to change the world, you don't have to transform yourself. You don't have to wear a certain hat or uniform. Simply you as you are can make a difference to the world. One way or another, you are doing it, either up or down or middling. Better to uplift the world, do you agree?

You don't know Who you are. You are dumbfounded at the idea that you could really really reach the Heights I do. Your eyesight is such that, as you see it, it would take a miracle to even imagine yourself riding in the same carriage with Me.

You see right or you see left. You don't see Our similarities very well at all.

You will shed the cataracts that hide yourself from identifying with Me. This is a big leap for you. You would have to let go of everything you hang onto. At present, there is too much you aren't quite ready to want to give up.

We can say you are stupefied at the idea of sitting in My seat. It is beyond your reckoning.

You wouldn't want the world to depend on you. You wouldn't want to have to take over My responsibilities. In Reality, you and I, We would harmonize. We would sing the same songs. You would soak up My way of seeing and doing, for My way is totally effortless. Right now, you see great training needed, almost as if We, you and I, are stationed at the other ends of the world.

It may surprise you to hear that you have already had moments of realizing Our Oneness. I can hold One Note Forever. You imagine that being One with Me is a gigantic step beyond anyone's capability so you blind yourself.

We can say it is an apparent giant step for you to take – a giant step I say you are ready for. You are ready to fly with Me. You are on the edge of your seat to fly with Me.

Okay, fly with Me! Be My Co-Pilot then, and away We go. As it is, We are so overlapping, so connected, so incapable of being apart. As the world sees it, it is very far away indeed, yet We are not even a heart pulse away.

The world is mistaken. Our hearts are One. We have never been apart. Come a little closer to Me in your heart. Dare. Just come a little closer and higher, if you will, and you will see how it is that a nestling becomes Great.

You can only be what you are. You are not this weak-blooded erring person that you insist you are. You are skittish with the idea that you are Great. You just haven't learned your True name yet. You will acquire your True Name soon. Soon, I will call you, and you will come to Me.