Jul. 22, 2016

Drama Steals Your Energy

Drama Steals Your Energy

God said:

Must you take everything to heart as you do? Have you not had enough emotion? Do you have to be so disappointed in daily life? Disappointment wrangles your life out of proportion. Your heart sinks. You may have lost your faith in individuals or, even, the world at large and at Life itself and, alas, your faith in yourself. You are disheartened. Hurt feelings may preoccupy you. Hurt feelings are not to be the food of life. You are not to accept hurt feelings as your lot in life.

Soon enough, you will see that the major dramas that zap you are simply occurrences that steal your energy. You exaggerate. All the aggravations that assail you don't begin to be worth all the emotion you pour into them. It is almost as if you have decided to choose to matriculate in a curriculum of damaged feelings. Enough over-reacting.

Tomorrow, when your emotion fades, you see clearly that the energy you gave to today wasn't worth the woe and effort you gave to it, not by a long shot. The incidents yesterday weren’t the big deal you had thought. They were not the emergencies you had imagined. You see this now.

Yet your attention may latch onto another personal emergency as if there were no tomorrow. Life emerges. All this comes with the territory. The territory is Life. Would you major in emergency and urgency instead of love?

A Chief Executive Officer who runs a conglomerate deals with difficulties day in and day out. He does not feel abused because he has responsibility. He doesn't see himself as imposed upon. He or she straightens things out.

You are the CEO of your life. You don't have to feel oppressed. Take care of life as it comes rather than fighting it at every turn the way a swashbuckling swordsman does. Simply take care of life as it comes. Deal with life instead of fighting it. Are you so sure that trouble merits the importance you give to it?

No matter who you are or what you are involved in, don't throw up your hands. Life in the world is about change.

Let's say you are a mother at home. Okay, something goes wrong. Your son comes down with a cough. Your daughter flunks her spelling test. Your dog chews on one of your new shoes. Friends hurt your feelings, and customer service isn't worth its name. You are tired of hassles. Well, then, what happened to the idea that life is like Old Man River?

Repetitive hurts are not to knock you over. Take care of what comes up without a big to-do. You are not a movie star who is acting in a soap opera. It is not for you to tote up woes as if you were a calculator. You are here to live life. What did you think you were here for?

Life in the world is the greatest soap opera of all time. Since when are soap operas to be taken so seriously?

You are not playing a role in a great tragedy. You readily accept that joy doesn't last, yet you hold to the idea that troubles are forever when, as a matter of fact, most troubles are here today and gone tomorrow.

You may focus on trouble lying in wait around the corner ready to trip you up. There is also joy lying in wait around the corner for you. Get another lease on life. Change your outlook. Have a different expectancy. Welcome joy. Look at flowers.

Flowers are blessings that exist. Blessings outweigh hazards. Usher in greater delights. Don’t bet on woe. Bet on blessings.

Engage in a different venue. Walk with a bounce in your step. Don't be so hard on life. Don’t take everything so seriously.