Jul. 25, 2016

The Kingdom You Were Born To

The Kingdom You Were Born To

God said:

Ego enters in when there is a deep-seated lack of self-worth. Lack of self-worth is the plague of the world.

Ego picks up details and tries to magnify itself in the world. It is fine for you to have joy where you have joy. It is one thing to have joy from a new car. It is another thing to have your ego blown up by the purchase of a new car, and now regard self-importance as King because you drive a new car. A new car has nothing to do with your inborn self-worth. Enjoy the ride, yet do not mix it up with your God-given sense of self-worth.

Have no car in the world, or have ten valuable cars, your self-worth is not touched a whit.

The self-worth of My children is great, yet how many really know this. You could be the most beautiful woman in the world or the handsomest man, the richest, the most famous, the wisest, the most efficient and so on, yet all these matters have nothing to do with the Kingdom you were born to.

Self-worth is not revealed by status in the world.

Your self-worth is not proven in outside terms.

I have declared your self-worth. Your presence here on Earth establishes your self-worth. If you need additives from the outside world to bolster your sense of self-worth, ego has persuaded you, inveigled you, deceived you, masterminded you, pulled a switcheroo.

Let me make it clear that it is fine to desire whatever you desire in life and to gain it. Yet whatever you gain in the material world does not attest to your self-worth. Is this clear?

Because you are a millionaire does not make you more worthy than a man in rags. By all means, be a millionaire. It is worthy to be a millionaire. It is worthy to be great in accomplishment and to share your joy. This gives incentive to others. Do not for one moment think I am denying anyone's accomplishment in the world. Well-done, I say.

Only you are of greater merit than all the world can attest. You are worth far more than anything the world has to offer.

I am asking that you not sell yourself short.

Sleeping in a mansion or sleeping on the beach, your self-worth is not an issue.

Unfortunately, in the world, your true sense of self-worth may indeed have been subjugated. I maintain: A diamond in the rough is still a diamond.

The world cannot set the value for you. It has no right to. Nor must the world dare to deny you. Certainly, the world's judgment does not truly transform anyone to the hoi polloi nor does it detract from anyone except in terms of ego.

Ego is believed in by those who have glossed over their true worth by virtue of what has been passed on to them and they have digested from the world. Followers of ego have taken the world's evaluation over Mine.

If someone has not known his own sense of self-worth, he cannot know another's. It is possible to say that the sin of your fathers is not having noted his own sense of worth. Not having realized his own sense of worth, how could he pass it on you?

I ask you to follow My Words for your benefit. Of Myself, I do not require followers. Of course, your benefit is My desire. It is also My Will. My Will is for you to know your worth. There is no limits to what you are worth, beloveds.

The world you grew up in may well have given you a bum steer. You do not have to buy it. You must not buy it. A low estimation of you is from the past. I am giving you the straight goods right now.

Forget self-esteem. Forget grandeur. Be done with ego and all its flattery. Find your sense of self-worth. Begin to believe in your self-worth, and you will have wonders to perform. Hang out with your true sense of self-worth and raise the world.

Ego cannot light a candle next to self-worth. Ego is all smoke and no substance. Our Connected True Sense of Self-Worth is King.