Aug. 7, 2016

Ten Understandings God Has

Ten Understandings God Has

God said:

In every moment, I whisper to you oh so softly. At the same time I suggest to you that you gravitate to the Depths of Silence where you can hear Me for yourself.

Let Me express some of my Understandings to you. You may have different understandings. These are some of Mine regarding your ability to actually hear Me:

1. You don't have to be a certain way before you can hear Me. It takes desire to know Me for yourself. There are some of your ideas that may get in your way.

2. There is nothing in life that has to be as you predicate it. Not everything has to be WONDERFUL as you see it. Who says that Life has to be a whiz-bang model experience? Not I.

3. Going into a deeper Silence isn't about control. It is about allowing. A deeper State of Silence belongs to you. You do not make it happen. You let go of control. You allow yourself to hear Me. Be surprised when you hear Me. You don't instruct Me in how you will come to hear Me.

4. Start with an intention. You choose an intention. You do not try to enforce an intention. You cannot force an intention, for then you no longer have an intention -- you have an effort for a desired result. You can call that which you insist upon as an anticipated rule or a law. Straining for Great Silence is not relaxation. For Heaven's sakes, know better than to strain on purpose. There is no need to try hard. Trying hard gets in your way.

5. If I were to outline a commandment, it would be: Let go!

6. What is letting go but freedom? You want to let go so you can reach higher. Freedom is higher. Be sure to know We are talking about responsible freedom. We are not talking about "anything goes". There are no holds barred, yet not anything goes.

7. In the outer world as in the inner world, you are One with everyone else. In the extant world, it is unnatural for you to hurt your arm or swing a punch at your face or hurt your own body in any way. The same, it is unnatural for you to hurt another on any level. Block no one.

8. If you desire to hear Me whisper to you from the depths of My heart and soul, since I speak in a depth before language and inasmuch as I am always vibrating, I can be heard at any moment and anywhere. If anyone can hear Me, you can hear Me, and you can hear Me at any moment anywhere.

9. I suppose you could say I speak at a virtual level, for I speak deeper than language. I speak from the Depths of Myself that vibrate within YOU. Built-in to My Gift of Vibrating the Harmony of My Being -- conveying My Love to you via My Heart – conveying to the One of Us, I can be heard, and you can hear Me.

It is natural for you to hear My Voice. Of course, My Voice is subtler than a Booming Voice. My Voice is subtler than language. You don't sequentially translate from this plane. You hear what I say as if all at once, even as you may not realize this. You may not be conscious of this step. Anyway, I go back and repeat Myself more slowly.

Sometimes I speak faster or slower than other times. It is not with your ears that you hear My heart. You are immersed in Me, in something of the same way you can see a bird on the wing in the distance, yet the bird and I are at no distance to you at all.

10. You have been picking up My Being all along here and there. You are not a stranger to My Voice. You are accustomed to My Voice, although, of course, you have also drowned me out. Even so, amid loud music, loud voices, turmoil, anxiety, perturbation, distress, agony, fear, danger, assault, I can be heard, and you can hear Me. I speak of love. Love is My language.

Do you hear Me? I am speaking to you. Hush. Listen.