Aug. 26, 2016

For the Sake of Learning


God said:

Learning is the point of learning. Education is not. Learning comes from inside. Education may be imposed. Learning arises from a sense of joy. It is joy to gain insights. Everyone loves it when a light goes on.

The intent of education may not go well with learning. No matter how well someone may score on a test, a high score does not mean that learning took place. Learning is what matters.

Learning is naturally joy. Teaching that leaves out the heart of the child is misplaced. Learning without joy is a hardship.

A system may look good on paper. It's someone's best guess as to what is a good way to learn, and one way may flourish for some, yet not all. Remember the child.

If learners do not have joy, perhaps the educators do, yet educators are not the reason for schools. Uppermost belongs the joy of learners. The rewards are to be interior to the learner. Each learner has a heart and soul and his own style or styles of learning.

Some teachers have the ability to make learning desirable for every learner. Hail to them.

Tell Me, what one-year old does not want to reach out and learn? Why is it that at some point a learner may begin to slouch? Where did the joy of learning go? To what gain?

Making learners learn what someone says they must learn does not always amount to learning. There is more than the mind that takes place in learning. There is more than grouping children together for economy in learning. There is heart and soul to learning. And, yes, I will say love.

There can be joy in learning even those subjects that a child might think he is not interested in. Interest can be stirred. Interest can be welcomed. Joy works effortlessly on its own over prodding, of course.

Sometimes children are not interested in learning a subject because it might be difficult for them to do well in it. The child is not at fault for this. The child is aware he must pass and not be held back.

A fast learner is not necessarily a better learner than a slow learner. One child learns faster, and another child learns less fast. As a child, imagine, Einstein was seen as a slow learner.

It would be good for schools to be joyful places for those enrolled in them. This is serving the learners. Well, whom are schools meant to serve?

Uphold the child. What is the hurry in teaching a child what he may see as separate from himself? What happened to the natural joy of learning? What got in the way of joy? What is the point of trying to conform with less than joy?

Once upon a time, learning was a precious sought-after experience. While attendance at school may be mandatory, learning itself cannot be mandatory. Once upon a time, a child's goals came from his heart. The heart is where learning touches base.

Children are not automatons. Desire that your children think and feel for themselves. Let them impress themselves.

If you want to open up a dam and let the water through, first you remove the blocks to the free-flow. This can be done, and you can do it. Leave room open for your child's soul to soar.

When a child is wanting to learn, he is not thinking of trying to achieve. He wants to discover what captures his heart and then run with it. Honor this.