Aug. 26, 2016

Divine Children of God


God said:

You don't owe Me anything. You are My Divine Child. I ask that you not make recriminations to yourself. Be fine with yourself. Live your life. Whether you are attentive to Me or not, I love you as you are. My love for you does not hinge on what you say to Me, ask Me, or do for Me. I love. I cannot do anything less than love.

This is hard for you to believe that I love you just as you are. Dear Ones, you do not have to lay down your life for Me. You do not have to bow down to Me. You do not owe Me. By your very Being, you fulfill Me.

When you are happy, I am extra happy. When you are sad, I am not sad. In My existence, there can be no loss. I do not weep. I am well-content. I am happy, and I love across the board.

I do not say that you are all done now, the way a cake in the oven is done. In the deepest Truth, this is the case, yet this is not what you see while you perambulate and stumble around in the world. It is hard for you to be accepting of yourself. You see shadows on your surface the way you see shadows on the Moon. You see dinginess on yourself the way you may see gray on your windows.

Dear Ones, in this moment that seems to exist within Oneness, you are perfect. Of course, in terms of the world, you are still in the oven being cooked until you are fully transformed into pure gold. At the same time, you already are pure gold. You, in your perfection, are like the Americas before Christopher Columbus discovered them.

That the Americas had not yet been discovered had nothing to do with their existence and the Truth of how they circulated and distributed themselves seemingly way back then. The Americas were picked up by the oceans and spirited by the winds, and they reached everywhere and affected the world the same as other continents do and the way everyone and everything does. The New Land, which was an old land, did not require being recognized in order to reveal itself. So is it for you in your revealing of your Self to your personal self.

There is nothing that is absent from Life in the World. It's all here, and it is just as I say. There is One World.

You are Mighty. You are phenomenally Mighty. You are the Might of the Universe. You are the Might of Heaven. You are everything. You are cast to the world as Great Blessings.

Your very breath sets sail for every land. There is no breath in the Universe that does not affect every other breath. There is also no one who is not affected by everyone else. You are on an intimate basis with everyone who exists, everyone who ever existed, and you leave your breath to breathe for those who will come later as well. Whatever is possible in the world is possible for you.

You are not hidden away. Nor is anyone hidden from you. Nothing is hidden. Nothing is far away. All is revealed.

One day soon, you will discover your Self! You will discover your Self in your full stature. The King who does not know he is King comes to know he is King when a crown is placed on his head, and there is cheering. The world requires certification and licenses. I require none of these.

Each Being on Earth is his own ruler. The word ruler will come to have a new meaning. Everyone is a True Ruler in the world no matter what the world and the people in the world may say.

You are a significant Guiding Light in the World. That Your Light may not draw attention from the world does not mean that your light is any less bright than the Light of Nobility's rank.

Here it is: The sons and daughters of God are royal. Whether royalty is officially declared or not, the sons and daughters of Kings and Queens are Royalty.