Sep. 5, 2016

Like Leaping to Heaven


God said:

It is not that you feel responsibility at all the way you ever knew responsibility before. Now it is like responsibility is a parachute that carries you gently wherever you want to go!

Now nothing hangs over you. You don't have to remind yourself or keep a list or kick yourself for forgetting something now. Responsibility now is like sipping on a delicious milkshake as much and as often as you like. You wouldn't miss it for anything in the world. Responsibility is the whole world to you now. Responsibility of this dimension is like your wildest dream come true. What a lovely place in the Universe you occupy, for the Universe treasures you.

Responsibility now is your key lime pie that you eat for dessert whenever you want. It is yummy. You look forward to it. Perpetual dessert is yours.

It is like getting a drink of cool water at the peak of the midday Sun.

It is like swimming in the Ocean as if you were a dolphin at home in the Ocean.

It is like getting a good night's sleep and you wake up with luxurious surprise.

It is like having pleasant dreams, one after the other, all swirling together, one beauty after another.

It is like receiving a bonus when you already had one.

It is like opening an envelope with contents you would never dream of. Now you go wild, and every time now the contents exceed your expectations.

It is like winning the lottery regularly.

It is like manna from Heaven.

There are no ties to responsibility. If there were ties, they would be delicate leis of unimaginable beauty.

There is the freedom of responsibility. It is like picking up blessings on every corner.

It is like being just where you are just right.

It is like leaping to Heaven.

There is no gravity in Heaven. There is no dead weight. You simply have enough love for all. More than enough love for all. Nothing is too heavy for you. Nothing is heavy for you at all. There is nothing but sharing the Love of the World and sharing the Love of Everyone in the World -- and Beyond. And beyond.

There is no knowing who you are or where you are. You simply are! You do not need to know anything more than that you exist.

You do not groan when you hear the word responsibility. You simply take off. You ride your Heart. You go where it takes you. It takes you everywhere you want to be. It takes you far away from any limits you or anyone has ever put on you.

Responsibility is not simply freedom. It is freedom for all. It is congregating as One. It is flying high. It is reaching Great Heights of Oneness. Yes, responsibility is pulling out a long skein of wool and loving how it unwinds.

It is following the Yellow Brick Road.

It is like getting an A on a test when you hadn't opened the book once. Of course, you wonder, what does a book have to do with you anyway?

It is like knowing all the answers when you didn't even hear the questions and didn't have to.

It is like keeping your brand-new shoes all unscuffed forever.

This is the day you tripped over your courage, and you said to the Universe:

"Universe, give me more. Give me more to relieve the world of. Give me all you've got. There is no too little, and there is no too much. Where I am useful is just right.

"God, raise me high so that I may raise the world and multiply all the Joy in the World and spread it far and wide."