Jan. 26, 2017

What Gives You Even a Little Happiness?

Heavenletter #5902 Published on: January 21, 2017

God said:

I say: "Peace unto you," yet you have not peace.

You may have turmoil instead. Something has to give. Perhaps your holding onto your being right has to give.

What is so marvelous about being right? Do you really have to be acknowledged as the winner? How does being right serve? Much of the time, being right serves your ego. Hmm, egos have been well-served enough to last a lifetime.

When you claim you are right, what are you doing? Now, hear Me, you may indeed be right. And there are times you have a responsibility to claim this. This is understood. You do not have to deny Truth. Say your Truth, and be done.

When you get entangled in a dispute over who is right and who is mistaken, you are jousting. Really, you are in a tug of war, and you want vindication. At such times, you can know that your siren of ego has gone off full-blast. Pause, beloveds. Stay at the side of the road until the emergency is over. Stay away from redemption, revenge, and reliving dire deeds of the past.

No one, no one, has the right, to injure your child, for example. Defend your child with all your might with My Blessings.

Before the die is cast is one thing. After a deed is done is another.

When someone has already injured your child, whether by accident or malice, now you have to unwrap yourself from the offender. When you, yourself, hold a lower vibration, you perpetuate hardness of heart which you pass on to the world.

Let go of injustice, beloveds. You can't hold on to it. You do a disservice for all concerned and even to all who are not concerned when you do not let injustice go.

Forgiveness is a word often misunderstood. To forgive means you have further understanding to gain so that you can remove your mental hands from the one who committed a grave offense. More power to you when you can let go of even the one who, innocently or deliberately, committed a grave offense or, even a smaller offense against your ego. Any sense of offense has to be let go of. Immeasurable is a sense of offense. In Truth, you own nothing and cannot lose what you do not own. You have no right to hold another accountable. You have to let go of your sense of blame. You have to forgive yourself for holding on tight to what another human being may have inflicted.

It is folly to engage in mental leger demain activities with someone you declare is your foe. It is not wise for you to simmer. Never will you forget the loss, yet you must let the marauder go rather than to continually suffer under his misdeed. Neither he nor you can undo it. What you can do is unwind the coils of the past that have become your constant reminder and let go of the weight and drop the reins. Unless you move on, you are on a perpetual water wheel that you not must leave.

What can you do today that will give you even a modicum of joy? Perhaps a walk. Perhaps pick some apples. Make a pie for someone and deliver it.

Smile at someone so he or she will have had a smile from someone on this day.

The little joys are for you. Maybe there is something you used to like to do, maybe paint, take photos, knit or crochet, polish your car. It doesn't matter what. Just try your hand at retrieving some joy so your thoughts can move to the present. Think of something. Think of anything you might like to do even a little bit, and then do it.

Know I brace and embrace you.