Jan. 26, 2017

A Tale of God’s Glory on Earth


God said:

If you could see the Bright Light of Your Heart without all the trumped-up charges you and others have made against it, how happy you would be. Remove all the propaganda, and you would no longer refute your Heart or anyone else's heart. You would see the Light of My Heart wherever your eyes alit. No matter whose heart you looked into, without exception, you would be surrounded by Great Light far beyond your present reckoning.

This is not a wild-goose chase I send you on. This not an exaggeration. This is fantastic, yet not any kind of fantasy. This is not fiction meant to cheer you on. This is the God-given Truth, and it is for you to know the Radiance you are made of and that you are to spread around the world like mist.

How you see presently is a fictionalized story. It is an overdone fear-filled story that is so suspenseful you cannot put it down. You might call your story: What Happens Next? Or, The Way You See It, or, you could call your story: Footsteps in the Dark, or, you could call it: Dark Clouds and Ominous Shadows, or Lost at Sea, or even Pursued by Fear of One Kind or Another

How you see presently is the wild-goose chase. Too often how you see presently is contrary to your dreams, yet it is a dream you have with your eyes open while you are in the waking state. Of course, the true name of this waking state could be The Unawakened State.

What new title might you give to life if you weren't so frightened of it?

How about:

A Tale of God's Glory on Earth. This is My favorite. Yes, I like this one best. 

Yet, here are a few other farseeing titles:

Paradise on Earth

Paradise Revisited

Paradise from Another Angle

Earth Populated with Angels

Finding Beauty in Life as It Resonates on Earth as It Is in Heaven

Earth as a Beautiful Flower

Living in an Oasis

God Is Everywhere

However many souls there are on Earth, there is that exact number of versions and perspectives of Life on Earth, even as there is One True Story of Oneness. Oneness is supreme. The fact is We are All One. There is no all. There is not only One, there is One Spectacular. Of course, you can count noses, yet Oneness, not multitudes, exists. In fact, Oneness stars. There are angels on Earth. Beyond doubt, there is Angelness on Earth.

Now, what are We going to do with you? If you are down in the mouth about Life, whatever are We to do with you?

Let Us teach you new songs with new refrains. Let Us make it clear to you that you are as loved as all those you may think are ahead of you, and who may think so themselves. Even if you consider yourself as primarily unloved and unloving, you will begin to see that that is all a myth, for, in My Kingdom, no one is left out. Not one, and certainly not you.

Anyone you may think of as unable to get into Heaven, you are mistaken.

No one has to wait. Where does it make the most sense for your evolution to be? Where will you learn more? With all those you might haughtily reject from Heaven, or, of course, with all the Great Ones in Heaven that can only be with Me.

I affirm your place reserved in Heaven, for there is also Greatness to come from you. I cast no one out. Everyone in this imagined world is aligned with Me. You came from Me, and so will you return to Me, for We are One Beautiful Self, and I will not be without you. This is a foregone conclusion, and there is no power on Earth anywhere that can depart from the fact that, no matter how you may think you depart from Me, never will I ever depart from you, for you are My Beloved.