Feb. 16, 2017

The Morning Sun Is True


God said:

I do not say: "Woe, unto you." I do not.

I do say: "Peace unto you." I go so far as to say: "Blessings unto you. Joy unto you. Be light of heart."

Joy exists, and it exists within you. You already have it. It is yours. It belongs to you. You, dear ones, however, set standards for joy. This is tantamount to setting restrictions on your joy. When you set restrictions, you block out joy as if forbidden.

Joy is your nature. Solemnity is not your nature. Solemnity is something you impose upon yourself. You and the world cut yourself off. Somewhere along the line, you become convinced that joy must be overruled.

Death of a loved one, from your point of view, as if there were a law against it, precludes joy. Getting a low mark on a test in school wrests joy away from you. Losing your job, the identity you see, the paycheck and the security it seemed to offer, you may have accepted as ruling out joy. Still, you do begin to have a hint that joy is your birthright.

You don't have to be happy because of this or that. Just be happy. Absorb happiness regardless of what is going on. I do not make a rule that only under certain circumstances can you allow yourself happiness, and under other circumstances you must deny yourself.

You may well have been taught and learned well that, under certain circumstances, it is thoughtless and even shameful for you to be happy. You may well have been shown that, under certain circumstances, you were supposed to turn off the Sun. That is, you were expected to suffer, and, furthermore, that you were noble to suffer, that it would be unconscionable for you not to suffer. What kind of person would you be, under certain conditions, to lift your head?

It has been ingrained in you that, by golly, it is worth your weight in gold to suffer. Is this a fallacy or what?

Of course, your loved one has returned unfailingly to Me in what is named Heaven. Of course, your loved one has returned to full joy, and the world leaves you to admirably cry your heart out.

You are consumed by agony of heart. At the same time, you are not in your Truth. Mourning is not your Truth. No matter how your heart aches, mourning is not your Truth. You may have more belief in mourning than in Truth.

Beloveds, a heavy heart is not a better heart than a light-hearted heart.

To mourn long is not better than to mourn short. You have picked up the idea that to mourn short is callous.

You say it is honest to mourn. I say that mourning is opposed to your True Nature. I say that the Morning Sun is True. Birds' singing is True. Covering up joy is not True.

You may say in all faith that you can't bear it that your Loved One has moved away and left you. The fact is that you have borne it, and, likely, you will bear it again. The unbearable is borne time and time again.

Is being in an unhappy state honorable? Is it honorable to deny your True Self? Cannot joy be honorable? Why cannot death of the body also be honorable? What truly matters?

You are here on Earth to climb a ladder. There are no rungs you cannot reach.

Tell Me that you have some understanding of what I say. Can you honestly hear Me suggesting that you be sad? I would suggest that you let sadness go on without you.

Hear Me saying:

"Joy to the World! The King has come.”

I am the King! Together We are always. No one is exiled from Heaven. Throw off your cloaks of burden. Let’s hold hands now and get ready to dance!