Mar. 2, 2017

The Miracle of Life on Earth


God said:

There isn't anything I can't do. There isn't a miracle that I cannot perform. I perform what the world calls miracle after miracle every day. You may be sure that this whole Life on Earth is a miracle. All of it.

This wealth of wonder on Earth does not mean, dear ones, that I will always give you what you want when you want it. When I don't seemingly come to your aid, you may think this means I don't love you. I love you all right. My Love is not at issue. I serve you, yet I don't always follow your will. Did you think I am always supposed to?

Your Life is not separate from everyone else's. Don't take any hurt that you feel or neglect that you may feel as evidence that you are not loved. We serve each other, you and I, and yet Our relationship is not quite a matter of keeping up with each other. We are reciprocal, yet you can be remarkable and still not be rewarded as you envision reward. I am a Giver of Gifts, yet I am not Santa Claus.

All your desires do not always come true. All your desires do not have to come true. Desire deeply all that you desire. Desire all you desire, yet you don't have to have the realization of every desire. You do not have to depend on Me to fulfill your every desire. Our relationship is not about a trade.

You may not know what is opportunity and what is not. You may think you know what is in your best interest. You think you do. You know what you would like.

When a loved one of yours leaves Earth, it is impossible for you to see how there could be any good in this. Do not think I am withholding from you, or teasing you, or not caring about you. You cannot commandeer what Life will bring. In this lifetime, you may not ever understand why you don't reap all that you want, or, for that matter, will you always grasp why great good fortune visits you when it does. Life is not all about what the world calls merit.

You may rate yourself and rate Me according to how your Life suits you. I do not love a King or Queen more than I love you. Nor are you to rate yourself less than royalty either. Certainly, your particular position in the world isn't the whole story of you. I see higher and greater than what the world may say, and so must you.

Be happy to be alive. To be alive on Life is not nothing. It is something. Life on Earth is a remarkable gift. Regard Life as such. You are not here to have everything handed to you. You may think that would be so wonderful – your wish be My command. You would love to receive first class service everywhere all the time. Beloveds, be the server. Do this, not to earn a future service, but to serve. In Joy, serve.

Your giving blessings to others is not a means. You do not serve with return in mind. Your return will be immediate, however, in the serving itself.

You are already good. You are here on Earth to learn and to grow. Everyone on Earth has this opportunity.

When you plant a seed in the ground, you don't have to tell the seed what to do. You don't have to tell it to become a daisy or an apple tree. It is already built in to the seed the Greatness it will grow to. Whether the seed is planted on the side of a road or in a palace garden makes no difference.

It is the same here on Earth for you. Your Greatness is built in as well. That you will reach Great Heights is assured. Everyone's Destiny is Greatness. Everyone's Greatness unfolds as it unfolds. Born in a palace or in a barn, you will come to Greatness. This is inevitable. Yet everyone has his or her own route.