Mar. 11, 2017

See the Beauty


God said:

Note the Beauty in the World today. Wherever you look, see something beautiful. Beauty does lie in the Eyes of the Beholder. Consciousness lies within you. If you do not see Beauty, it is you who is not seeing Beauty. You are the Beholder. Now, behold.

If today you do not see Beauty, look again.

At the very least, feast your eyes on every new day. A new day arises. You can also arise with new blessings today, new blessings that you give. Bless anew.

Love this world, this contrary world. Love it wherever you look. See the Beauty and love it.

See great courage. Be great gratitude for the new day I send to you with all the Love in My Heart. Think of it, I send you a new day every single day with Love. The sky is fresh and new. Be you fresh and new. Behold your new self. I renew you today. Now, renew the world while you look at it. Give the world Love, and you and the world are renewed.

Love is your gift, and Love is your sustenance. There is unending Love from you to circulate. All Love comes from Me. Pass it on. Say hello. Extend a welcome to this new day. Without fail, I bequeath each new day to you. To everyone, and to you, I bequeath this day. Find joy within this day from wherever you look. Capture the Love. Capture the Joy. Make the Love and the Joy and the Beauty your very own. I promise you a new day every day. Promise Me you will behold each new day as a New Blessing. This is how you fulfill My Desires for you.

Pay attention to the Beauty that surrounds you. Lap it up.

Today is the Greatest Day of your Life. And tomorrow is as well and more so. Look, and you will see the treasures the world abounds in. Look with your new Eyes of Love. Don't wait at the portals. Charge right in to see the manna from Heaven yourself.

Be the Seer of All the Bounty. I will never let a day go by without Great Bounty for you. Dark skies, light skies, all is Exquisite Beauty for you. You, yourself, are Exquisite Beauty. How could it be otherwise when Love is at the wheel?

Humbly accept the Greatness and Beauty I give to you. If you do not yet see, look around for where this Greatness and Beauty may be hidden.

You understand now, I believe, that this Beauty and Greatness create great courage in you. Unafraid, you come from a higher height.

I will tell you a True Story. There was a young woman in a concentration camp who wrote she had had the happiest days of her life there. How could this be? Her world was bigger than ever before, bigger than her circumstances, bigger than herself, and she served. She served.

She was not preoccupied with herself. She served Me and she served the community in which she lived. Without the opportunity of the camp, she might never have found this reservoir within herself. From her previous life of choosing nail polish and boyfriends, she found herself with a great opportunity to serve.

When she and the others were bussed to where they would be killed, they were singing. She leaned out the window and called out: “Tell them we left singing!”

Thus, you can know that, in whatever situation you find yourself, there is something good in it for you. Of course, this young woman did not think this out and analyze this. She fell into giving. Therefore, she grew in grace and became a hero and not a martyr, and so she graced all the Universe.