Mar. 20, 2017

Come Out in the Front Yard


God said:

Every emotion you feel is your choice. Love is your choice. Frustration is also your choice. No one makes you lay yourself low.

You always have options. When you feel defeated, you can feel something else.

When you feel overloaded with difficulties, choose to feel another way. When you feel like a victim, this is a choice you make. Take a walk around the block and get a little distance. You can come back having dropped off the self-imposed verdict you make that you have been a victim. Dear Ones, if you feel like a victim, you can also feel like letting go of that idea. You are not bound to being a victim except as you tell yourself.

It is not a worthwhile idea to convince yourself that you have been victimized. Even if you literally have been victimized, let go of that Identity, for you are a Child of God who has choices to make, so make them, these choices that are yours to make.

Choose to be something else besides a victim. Absolutely, do not put your name under a victim list. No more “Woe is me” thoughts.

Look, you may honestly be frustrated beyond endurance, yet you are free to call yourself something else besides frustrated beyond endurance. Situations in Life do not have to claim your identity. Someone else’s inability to give you good customer service, for instance, clearly is not the making of you. You are far greater than to suffer some kind of heartache due to a manufacturer’s poor instructions for telling you how to assemble his product. Have you forgotten that My Creation of you is well-based?

You are not to go around tossing faulty adjectives at yourself. If you were foolish a moment ago, you don’t have to call yourself a fool. If you find yourself at a disadvantage, who said you have to proclaim this? Is there some law that says you have to be a scapegoat?

Because you have failed a test in life does not – I repeat – does not mean anything but that now you keep moving forward. It is not for you to be so easily led astray.

I have confidence in you. Reveal some confidence in Me as well and, therefore, have confidence in yourself.

Recover yourself. Recover your True Identity. Be True to yourself, and be True to Me.

You have a responsibility to reclaim yourself. Better yet, you have a responsibility not to deny yourself in the first place. Don't keep yourself in the back yard. Come out in the front yard. Relish yourself.

For one thing, you are a person who cares. Be glad of it. Never are you to indulge in lack of belief in yourself. The world is not to get a good man or woman or child down. When you are truthful, you will boost your child, and you will, therefore, boost yourself. Not even boost yourself. Allow yourself to love yourself. Loving yourself does not undermine anyone else.

Heal yourself. Heal your hurts. You are to rise above. There is no height that you cannot reach. Pick the fruit high in the tree, for this fruit is closer to the Sun.

Also, never are you out of My Reach. I stand beside you at all times. You are a representative of Mine. We hold each other high. We are pledged to this. There is no place in this Life of Ours for recrimination or regret. Honor all, and all includes you.

Welcome your Life on Earth. How brave you are to give yourself to the world for this interim. You come in response to My request. It is on My behalf that I invite you here to serve the Universe. Therefore, keep your shoulders straight and yourself high. That means you honor Life, yourself, and everyone as you are meant to. I rely on you to serve.