Mar. 26, 2017

What You Have Really Been Seeking


God said:

What is your style of living? What is it really? Is it being the Princess and the Pea? Is it being the Hare as in the Aesop fable of the Tortoise and the Hare? Or are you like the Tortoise who is slow and steady? Perhaps it is your style to take your own sweet time? Or, perhaps, can it be your style to point out errors?

Many of My children practice the style of complaining as a way of life. Perhaps you are quick to see a fault wherever it may be. Perhaps you an expert at finding flaws. Perhaps spotting a flaw out there somehow makes you feel better. What exactly is pleasing about finding fault? What? Does it give you a feeling of emperorship?

Wherever your dissatisfaction comes from, you don’t have to honor it. You may be perfectly right, yet what has that got to do with anything? In the world, Beloveds, there is always an opposite.

Why are you looking for perfection outside yourself, or, within yourself? In world terms, you can’t be everything, have everything. You will come to the place where you will appreciate everyone and everything in everyone. In the world, it is not so easy to please or to be pleased. Not even the Great Spiritual Ones pleased everyone by a long shot.

Yet there is good within everyone. There is gold within everyone. If there is gold within you, you are not the only one. Everyone has gold within. You may have to look for it.

You may be a quick thinker, and someone else is a slow thinker. Both rates of speed have their advantages. The world may not off-handedly value each way, yet each way has its value. The world has its mind made up for what it allows and what it does not allow. In terms of the world view, no one in the world is quite right enough. Allow for differences.

Get outside of the world view, and you will see that all is as it is to be. Each carat of each diamond is just right. All is well in Heaven.

You carry Heaven within you.

Better than finding fault is acceptance. Far richer than acceptance is loving. Loving transcends acceptance. Loving is accepting with light. When you are not uptight, it is easy to love another, foibles and all.

When you are loving yourself, you are not tense and uptight. When you are tense and uptight, you are not loving yourself. Too much gets in the way of your loving. How can you love another when you are displeased with yourself.

Restart yourself. Come on in a different mode. Enact the theme of: As you are.

Be at ease with yourself, and you will be at ease across the board. You will not be on and off. You will simply be on. You will be beyond daily confrontation. You will not face the world. You will love the world. You will love the world and all in the world as easily as falling off a log.

When you have a choice between fault-finding and love, choose love. Love allows everyone room to breathe. Perhaps this is a an easier way for you to think of love. When you let others be as they are, you are giving a great gift of love. Allowing others to choose to live their lives according to how they see it is one way for you to come closer to love. Come from a different place than you have been coming from, and you will automatically grow closer to feeling love in your heart. Instead of attempting to remake others, you will expand your own throbbing heart. This is what you have been seeking.