Apr. 4, 2017

Your Heart Will Soar


God said:

When Life doesn’t make sense to you, breathe. When Life is too much for you, breathe. When you don’t know where to turn, breathe. Breathe in, and breathe out.

Yes, remember to breathe deeply, and remember Me with all your heart. I am here. You are not forsaken. It is impossible for you to be forsaken. Well, sure, you can talk yourself into the idea of abandonment.

My Beloveds, if there is one who forsakes, it is you. Do not commit the folly of forgetting your place in the order of things. You are here on Earth for a reason. No matter how bare Earth Life may seem to you at a given time, you are not here on Earth to despair.

A sense of desperation, no matter how strongly you may feel it, is not Truth. This is not to say that Life in your court is easy. I understand that you may feel desperate on the verge of immense danger. You feel you are failing or are going to fail in something, and you are faced with insurmountable difficulties. You might fall off a cliff. You fear a disaster brewing. You are consumed by the concept of disaster.

Of course, you are aware of different scales of disaster. A disaster can be as nearby as burning a roast in the oven for a special dinner in your home tonight or as far away as death of your hapless body sometime or another. Of course, death is not a disaster. You do not die. Your loved ones don’t die. Bodies lie down. Your Soul takes off!

The heart of you, the Soul of you, inhabited a body for a while. Your body held Life only so long as your Soul inhabited it. You are Soul, and your Mighty Soul continues. All Souls do find themselves where disaster is not even a thought. Souls are blessed, and you will be blessed with the same freedom one day as well. Soul is what you are. Within you fear may lay down, fear of loss, fear of pain, fear of suffering, fear of fear. The body reacts. Your little self reacts. You are afraid of Life, and you are afraid of death. No wonder you are tense.

You would be glad to feel peaceful if only you could. Dear Ones, acquaint yourself with Peace. Start by choosing it. Then breathe. Take deep breaths. Let your uptight body breathe in air, and then release it. Release this tenseness you are carrying. It is of no benefit to you or anyone.

You feel tense because you have constricted your breathing, and you have constricted your heart. You are the culprit, beloved. Now, you rise above. I will help you.

Here’s the thing: Nothing is the end of the world. Nothing is the end of you. You are a visitor to this imagined world. You are Spirit. You are gossamer. The mundane is mundane. You are not mundane. You are Soul. Soul you are. A blessed Being you are. Whose Being are you anyway? You are My Being. You are My Beingness. Be a clear mountain stream and be like water that flows.

You are not stone. You are not a boulder. You are not stolid. You are not breakable. The Soul of you is Eternal. You are not a stranger to the Soul of you, to the essence of you, nor are you a stranger to Me. We have known each other forever. When I say forever, I mean forever. There was never a time when We as One were not. You can only imagine otherwise. Move beyond separateness. Separateness is a lost cause. Skip over it.

While you are still in a body, breathe in and breathe out, and so your heart soars.