Apr. 6, 2017

Loosen Your Reins


God said:

No matter what you may be going through, no matter how laborious a situation may be for you, there is always an end to it. Always. This means that even while you are going through a tense time, you can loosen up a little. Soon or late, a troubled time will leave one way or another.

You are wise not to dig into your problems and deepen your attention on them. This does not mean that you have to pretty up the situation in your mind. It means that you don’t have to hold onto your tenseness. You may not be able to relax from the intensity, yet you can loosen your grip on it.

When you hold on to a difficult period of your Life, difficulty tightens its grip on you. You give over your peace and, so, accelerate the tension. You press down on the gas pedal, so to speak. Letting up on the pedal serves you better. In effect, you don’t have to go full-force ahead. You don’t have to enter into battle.

Of course, I realize it is hard for you to let go of turmoil. If you could push a release button, you would. You would gladly.

No matter how outrageously unfair a situation may be, loosen your reins. In preference to your begging or praying to Me for instant rescue – sometimes, just give over your situation to Me. This is not being irresponsible. You can now and then give the reins over to Me and make a great difference in your Life.

Whether you contributed to a hard time or not, whether you are swept up mercilessly in a typhoon or you were susceptible to a crime, or susceptible to misdirection, or susceptible to looking the other way – no matter how much you want Me to come in and rescue you in a certain way, how about just bundling up your situation and handing it to Me? Hand it to me as if you were simply trusting in Me and hand your difficulties over to Me just like that. Make Me your Partner.

You might say something like this to Me:

“God, I relax my hold on the difficulties I am experiencing. Here, God, do with them as you will. I will do everything I can to look at my difficulties with mercy for all involved. That I trust in You doesn’t mean that You have to do as I will. I do leave space for You to tend to Me. I beg nothing of you. I give You all of my heart. Of myself, I can only do as much as I can do. It is ridiculous of me to tell You what to do. What I want and what You do don’t have to agree.

“As I turn over my situation to you, I am trying to say that I take responsibility for myself. I do not assault the situation I find myself in. I do not like it, yet I don’t kick and scream. I won’t tell You what I think You must do for me. May I free myself from the bounds that bind me.

“Dear God, I surrender to You. Rather than asking or insisting that You serve me as I wish, I offer myself in service to You. I simply lay down my heart before You.

“Whatever consumes me – whether I am unjustly in prison for the rest of my life, or I have an unwelcome verdict from a physician, or my wife leaves me, I keep my heart open to You and to my Life or to my death.

“Beloved God, whatever lies before me, I will meet it and meet it kindly. I am not a child who stamps his foot. No matter what, I follow You where You lead. This doesn’t mean I am passive. It does mean I don’t have to believe in illness more than I believe in You, beloved God.

“Dear God, may I ask, does anyone ever bless You?”