Apr. 6, 2017

Go Ahead, Have the Time of Your Life!


God said:

Hello, this is your Life that you are living. Go ahead, have the time of your Life. Your life, the time, they are yours. They belong to no one but you – well, We can add that your Life belongs to Me as well, for I cherish your life.

While you are on Earth, you undergo the sense of time that is prevalent on Earth. The world goes by time, and the world goes by in the blink of an eye. Give Life a whirl. Find your joy, and give your joy.

What is your joy may not be everyone else’s joy or anyone’s. You could be someone who loves to eat out all the time. You could be someone who prefers to cook food for yourself and eat at home. You may love socializing. Someone else may be more contemplative and crave solitude.

I tell you one thing: There is plenty on Earth to choose from, to specialize in, or to take a break from. Life is indeed a many-splendored thing. Your Life is what it is when it is. At the same time, your Life can be whatever you want it to be. In the long run, it can be. You have some say.

Here’s the thing: Want your Life. Want your Life to be what you want it to be. Consider your Life as a camera you take photos with. You focus your camera as you like. Take the pictures you want to take. This is your Life. Make of it what you will. Give your Life a chance. Pay as much attention and intention to your Life as you wish. Run with it. Everyone’s Life has all possibilities. Open your Life up to more, and more, and more. Reach out.

Have fun with Life. You are experimenting with Life. The balance you find is yours, not someone else’s. Truly, there is no one size that fits all.

Even if you are the only one whose Life is served up the way yours is, it’s hunky-dory. There is not another Life that has to match up with yours, or another Life style that your life has to match. There are unlimited ways of Life to pick. Make your own choices.

This is lovely, and that is lovely. Who presumes to say that there is only one way to live, or only one route to follow? Rev up your engines, and sail forward. There is no race to run. There is no game to win. Live Life according to the happiness of your soul, and, so, you win. Life really isn’t a competition. All of what is someone’s glory may not be your glory at all, nor does it have to be.

Everyone has his or her likes. There is room in the Universe for everyone. On a bus, you would move over to make room for someone on the seat next to you. Give yourself a seat as well.

If you like to walk, walk. If you like to drive, drive. If you like to take a train or fly in a plane, you have the right of way. Choose as you like, for this, after all, is your Life.

Suit your Life to a T. Your life is meant to suit you. You are not required to check with others to see what they think of your Life. Others’ opinions may well matter to you, yet, really, others’ opinions are beside the point. It is you who lives your Life. Your Life is your prerogative. Your Life is not contraband for another.

You heard this frequently throughout your childhood: Mind your own business.

I would say to mind your own business with a different meaning in mind. Take care of your own business, and, of course, let others take care of theirs.

Hands off also reflects love. Whatever you may have to say about another’s choices in Life, and if you must give your reckoning of it, say it only once. There is no need for you to repeat it.

Fare thee well.