In Silence Greatness is Born


Pablo Caviedes is originally from Ecuador. Pablo's childhood was filled with wondering about mysteries of life. He enjoyed silence in a nature, and surrounded by beauty of flowers, trees, animals,he drew a lot. His solitude only made sense to him. As much as he felt lonely in this world, he appriciated life greatly. -  He wanted to create the best out of self. He kept growing and drawing more and more, improving his artistic skills daily. His gratitude for life grew, too. - He loved all natural, free and alive for he understood how life was fragile and important. His delicate soul found an expression and escape in art.

So many details in Pablo's paintings, so much purity, wisdom, and light. The most sensitive soul could create what Pablo choses to create for this world while being here.

Pablo is very modest man. He doesn't talk much unless he is asked. He doesn't demand much in life, either. - Very simple man. Kind, with great observation skills. Wise and calm, too. All Pablo needs is his private space where he can silently create his masterpices. He works, works, and works, for work for him is his passion, his realization, and his great hope for humanity. 

In silence greatness is born. So much peace you will feel with Pablo. No judgement. Purity, love, and compassion for life. 

Currently Pablo choses to reside in New York, USA. I am priveledged to know Pablo and have him as a friend in my life. Pablo's art works I adore for an artist has abilities to get under your skin to make you feel calm and at peace no matter what. Pablo is a great artist. Learn more about him by visisting few of his links. To meet Pablo in NY or other places and order his art works, contact me.

*** For entertainment purposes, see few art works by Pablo to understand his style.

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