May. 12, 2016

Equipment Leasing and Financing

Company finances almost every type of equipment for any industry. We can provide you with business equipment leasing and equipment loans by offering affordable monthly payments through customized terms specific to your business. Whether you are involved in the medical industry, software sector, manufacturing commerce, food service or auto repair services or in another business sector entirely, we can help your company receive the business funding you require.We can work with you to finance used or new equipment or purchase inventory in anticipation of future sales or rentals. We offer a comprehensive package of equipment loans, ranging from 12- to 60-month terms, which offer a solution to any type of business and business owner. We also offer 10-year terms for more extensive manufacturing equipment financing.

We offer small to large-sized businesses nationwide the financing they require. We work with every type of business, no matter how excellent or how poor their credit history. You choose zero upfront fees and approval in24 hours or less.

The majority of our clients were denied equipment loans from traditional banks before contacting us, yet we are very proud of our 90% approval rate and ability to grant the means for business equipment leasing to our clients. Our simple 2-minute application will help your business obtain the equipment financing it needs. For more information or to request an applicatoion, contact us.


*** Lada Stone is not an employee @ financing companies but is an Independant Agent who works directly with private investors and financial institutions & companies