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Sword and Lotus is led by Master - Rostislav Yatsenko. 
Rostislav has more than 30 years of Martial Arts experience including many years of training in the White Lotus Temple. 
He received the highest initiations from his Teachers and holds Master degrees in the disciplines he practices.

Sword and Lotus is a school of traditional martial arts originating in Indo-China.
A sword is considered to be the most honorable and perfect weapon. It symbolizes an all-penetrating mind and spiritual determination.
The Lotus flower is a symbol of purity and perfection. Growing from dirt it remains clean and pure. The White Lotus symbolizes the spiritual perfection.
School practices a traditional style of Kung Fu.
The word "Kung Fu" can be translated from Chinese as "a work for the sake of perfection of a person". First of all, it’s a deep inner working of yourself, aiming for spiritual perfection. Kung Fu means inner power in a broad real-life sense; it is an integral complex of constantly evolving physical and spiritual culture. It’s a combat technique and self-defense, philosophy, ethics and morality, breathing methods and energy controlling practices, joint and tendons stretching and strengthening exercises, meditation system and attention focusing practices, holistic medicine.
A true traditional martial art is an integral union of physical, psychological and spiritual cultures, which helps a human being to evolve, makes him solid, and brings out the best for his spirituality, inner power and martial art spirit.

Sword and Lotus is led by our Master - Rostislav Yatsenko. 
Rostislav has more than 30 years of Martial Arts experience including many years of training in the White Lotus Temple. 
He received the highest initiations from his Teachers and holds Master degrees in the disciplines he practices.

Curriculum includes the following disciplines:


  • Traditional Kung Fu style of Meo Dam (Black Cat)
  • Traditional Kung Fu weapons
  • Thai boxing: traditional (ancient) and contemporary (sport)
  • Qigong 
  • Yin Yoga


Kung Fu

The school foundation is based on a fighting technique of an ancient Lao style called Meo Dam (Black Cat). 

Black Cat style is characterized by sudden distance changes using a cat like movement, jumps, as well as unique "feline" punches and kicks, grabs and joint locks.
This style emphasizes rapid movements and impulsiveness.

There is a system of preparation according to a Black Cat style.
As students master this system they attain qualities such as courage, indifference to pain during battle, fighting rage, instant cat - like reflexes and at the same time a clarity of mind and spirit.

In order to perform the Black Cat technique, one needs to merge with the spirit of the cat and act like a cat.
This style is extremely powerful and aims to devastate an enemy rapidly and efficiently.



Muay Thai can be translated as "a fight of free people" or "free fight".

It is the most efficient, closest to reality style of martial arts. The style uses punches and elbows, feet and knees, grabs and throws.

Muay Thai is also known as "eight-armed warriors fight".
This technique allows you to fight at short, medium and long ranges. Muay Thai fighters are most dangerous at a mid range and in the close distance.

"Elbow defeats a fist and a knee defeats a foot".
Elbows and knees are the most dangerous at a short range fight.

Muay Thai is a martial art that lets you learn technical and tactical aspects in a short period of time, also it enhances a range of physical and psychological qualities which are necessary for achieving success in combat.

Muay Thai is "the weapon which is always with you".



The word "qigong" (or "chi kung", or "chi gung") consists of two parts in Chinese: "qi (chi)" and "gong (gung)".

  • Qi (chi) is a substance of energy populating our Universe
  • Gong (gung) is an action of work required to acquire any knowledge or skill set

Qigong is an efficient methodology to accumulate, transform and control the energy Chi.
One of the most fundamental exercises here is static standing meditation, which is called "pole-standing" or "standing like a tree". 
This healing, wellness and firming technique is built on the patterns of growth and development of a tree with deep roots. 
Immobility of the body inevitably causes calmness, relaxation of the psyche and consciousness. 
The flow of Chi opens on the background of deep bodily relaxation, the movement of energy starts all the processes of regeneration and self-recovery of the organism.

The learning process always starts with healing exercises.

The main idea of healing Qigong technique is self-control, disease prevention and treatment of diseases, achieving longevity with a vigor body and a clarity of mind.

Combat (hard) Qigong is practiced at the most advanced levels.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is rooted in traditional Hatha Yoga and Taoist Yoga.

According to ancient Chinese culture, everything in nature and the universe consists of two opposing principles, which are Yin and Yang. 
They are solid and united.

Yin is more feminine, passive, quiet, and soft, whereas Yang is masculine, active, energetic and forceful.
The Yin approach to the practice of yoga assumes prolonged retention of asana (posture), with fully relaxed muscles. 
At the same time there is a very gentle stretching of ligaments, tendons and joints as opposed to Yang style.
Yang style involves dynamic and warming yoga practices where all the work is done using your muscles.

It is static retention, where on the background of relaxation, each posture is retained for an extended period of time.

Yin Yoga is a soft and deep meditative practice of asanas.



"Meditation is continuous and free flow of conscious attention to the object of concentration" (Yoga Sutra)

In order to focus one's attention, either some external objects are used (a candle's flame, for example) or one concentrates on the internal processes, such as breathing or observing of mental images.

One of the benefits of meditation is acquiring equilibrium and inner peace. During meditation, any human can expand his mind, focusing on the world around as a whole.

A state of harmony that is achieved during meditation has a positive effect on the organism, leading to a balancing of all organs and systems.
First and foremost, meditation calms the mind, rids you from fears, depression and aggression. It gives you a burst of energy, vitality and joy.
Meditation improves an emotional state and increases self-esteem. It heightens a level of self-awareness in one's actions and deeds.

Meditation can help anyone, however choosing the right methodology is most important. People are different by temperament, life style, culture and perception. Hence, there are thousands of ways to meditate to get positive results from it.


Major principal here is an individual approach for everyone. 

Classes are held morning, noon and evening. 
All classes are conducted in semi-private or private manner.

Introductory lesson is free.



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