Become a Master of Sales and Persuasion


Mastering Influence is a 10-day program that will teach you the art of sales. Learn the ins and outs of human psychology in a way that will let you break down barriers, exert powerful influence on other people, and never hear the word “no” again. Featuring strategies from the world’s best minds in business, the skills gained from this groundbreaking program will give you the edge over your competitors and grow your revenue geometrically.


Discover the techniques, strategies, and secrets of the world's top salespeople and leaders.

The power of persuasion is the most valuable skill you can possess. Why? Because it is the difference between massive success and major failure – in both business and your personal life.


Persuasion is how to get exactly what you want – it’s how you turn objections into opportunities. Master the skill of influence and you’ll understand why someone does, or doesn’t, want to buy. Once you understand the psychology behind selling, you can put negotiations in your favor, while also building lifelong partnerships of mutual benefits.

Do you want to be influential? An achiever? A person of action, not just words?


Tony designed this dynamic system to give anyone the skills to be influential, to persuade others. In this 10-day course, you’ll learn the techniques, strategies and secrets of the world’s top salespeople and leaders – principles that Tony uses every single day.


In our ever-evolving world, the power of influence is what keeps you ahead of your competition. Master your influence with this risk-free opportunity.

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