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This website is an esoteric spiritual site featuring channeled information from Kryon, a loving angelic entity. You are looking at the unique and original website for Kryon as channeled by Lee Carroll, the original Kryon channel. This work is now over twenty years old, having been started by Lee in 1989. Since the word Kryon is not proprietary, in the last years there have been many others in many cultures who have come to use the name Kryon in many forms. However, Lee is not affiliated with any other Kryon channelling by any other person, school, or organization using the name Kryon, and is only responsible for his own work as represented by his books and the information on this website.


Lee Carroll Ph.D. is Original Channel for Kryon.


Lee Carroll




After graduating with a business and economics degree from California Western University in California, Lee Carroll started a technical audio business in San Diego that flourished for 30 years.

As an award winning audio engineer, where does channelling and Indigo children fit into all this? As Lee tells it, Spirit had to hit him "between the eyes" to prove his spiritual experience was real. The year 1989 was the turning point when finally came together, after some years earlier a psychic told him about his spiritual path and then three years later the second unrelated psychic told him the same thing! Both spoke of Kryon... a name that almost nobody had ever heard.

Timidly, the first writings were presented to the metaphysical community in Del Mar, California, and the rest is history - with a total of sixteen metaphysical books being released in a twelve-year span. There are now almost one million Kryon and Indigo books in print in twenty four languages worldwide - The foreign editions represent 
Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Hebrew, Danish, Italian, Greek, Korean, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Japanese, Dutch, Finnish, Slovene, Estonian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Romanian and Turkish.

Lee and the Kryon team continue to visit other countries up to six times a year with very large audiences - http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/scrapbooks/sb-COUNTRIES2.html

Lee and his spiritual partner, Jan Tober, started the "Kryon light groups" in Del Mar in 1991 and quickly moved from a living room setting to a Del Mar church. The Kryon organization now hosts meetings all over the globe with audiences of up to 3,000 people. In the beginnings of the Internet, Kryon had the largest consistent New Age folder in the history of America Online. Now, you are looking at the Kryon web site with a multitude of interesting pages and a registry of over 20,000 visits a day to the audio

page alone. What is the audio page? It's a FREE PAGE - https://www.kryon.com/k_freeaudio.html - where you can listen or download over 100 hours of free MP3 audio of past and current channellings.

In 1995, Lee was asked to present Kryon at the United Nations (U.N.) in New York City before a U.N.- chartered group known as the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (S.E.A.T.). http://kryon.com/k_un.html 
The meeting was so well accepted that they were invited back six more times, in 19961998 then in 200520062007, and 2009.These meetings are held upstairs in the working areas of the UN building, not far from the General Assembly. Only delegates to the UN and guests of the society may attend.

Lee is the author of fourteen 
Kryon books, and co-author of, The Indigo Children, An Indigo Celebration, The Indigo Children Ten Years Later. (17 books total). The Indigo Child book's web site is: www.indigochild.com. These Indigo books introduced the world to the term "Indigo Children" in 2000, spawning many follow-up books by various authors, a movie, a documentary, and lots of interest worldwide regarding our changing kids! The Indigo books have sold almost half a million copies world-wide in the twenty four languages listed above. Check out the three (3) KRYON companion books by author Monika Muranyi, http://monikamuranyi.com/ . It's KRYON channelling, with explanations and Q&A with KRYON!

Lee continues to write and travel from his home in San Diego

UPDATE: July 2012:

During a trip to McCaysville, Georgia, at 
Delphi Metaphysical University, Lee was surprised with an honorary doctorate degree of Science, Trans personal Psychology, & Metaphysics! The award indicated: "For his extraordinary contributions of love, wisdom, and spiritual understanding."

UPDATE: Spring 2016:

It was discovered that the prestigious 
WATKINS "Mind, Body, Spirit" magazine from the UK, has listed Lee Carroll as one of the "100 most spiritually influential living people" in 2015, and in 2016. You can see the others in that group http://www.watkinsmagazine.com/watkins-spiritual-100-list-2016

Thank you for being on this site!





The difficult part of describing the life of Jan Tober, is that she has done so much! If you ask Jan when everything actually started, she will firmly state that she "arrived" when she was ten years old! At this early age, she understood that she was a "walk-in" even before people started talking metaphysically about what that might be! What we now understand about walk-ins, is that they have a specific mission to accomplish, and Jan already knew what it was.

Jan's entire life was metaphysical, enhanced with music. Her amazing Jazz voice was recognized very early, and at 18 she performed with some of the Jazz greats of our time. Stan Kenton and Benny Goodman both sought her out for their big band tours. Then came Fred Astaire, who signed her on his own record label as his first recording artist! All through this, Jan was aware that her real mission was going to be later in life... and she was right.

Even during her singing career, Jan started studying everything she could find that was metaphysical. This led to the real beginning of a true awakening to her mission in the 1970's, when she started channelling Saint-Germain.

Slowly, through receiving messages from her channelling, she began to work with shamans and healers, and in a few years, she absorbed more than most do in a lifetime. Today she is seen as an authority on many metaphysical processes, but her specialty remains Sound and Color.

It is no wonder then that Jan has became a specialist in sound healing. She also produced numerous meditation CD's, with the sole purpose of Healing through sound and color. Her speaking voice was just as impactful as her singing voice.. who knew? As the artist she was, she had always painted, but then it branched off to include jewelry creation, and clothing design! Many of her works were featured in boutiques and galleries, and still are today. Her jewelry is featured in every major KRYON workshop word-wide. 

Her channelling became stronger, and she started receiving messages about her own future. She was told by her source that she would have a world-wide presence, and the source was right. When she met Lee Carroll in the recording studio, if was about music. Then in the early 80's they married, and the real metaphysical adventure began.

Through Jan's patience and perseverance, Lee finally realized his own path, and started channelling KRYON. The Kryon work became her main impact on the planet, sitting by his side and bringing this loving energy to thousands. In not too long a time, she was presenting all over the world! This included many return tours of Germany, France, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, and more.

You might think she didn't have much time for anything else, but then she co-authored  the best-selling Hay House book in 19XX : THE INDIGO CHILDREN! This book became an instant main-stream best-seller, prompting Jan to write two more indigo books with Lee in the next decade.

Today, Jan is sought out for both her artistry, and her mastery in teaching several metaphysical healing modalities. Her world-class experience in channeling, healing, and meditation methods brings many to her classes and to her sound and color healing room in California. She also features phone readings and consultations.

Using her voice and the amazing custom crystal bowls from Crystal Tones, she now creates a beautiful new service: A personalized channelled 10-minute musical DNA activation CD. This has been so well received that orders are now coming in from overseas as well as from all over the USA.*

From Jan: "My whole life and my mission is to help people adapt to the new energy on this planet."

From Lee Carroll: "Without Jan Tober, there would be no KRYON. Everything you see when you look at the KRYON work, is due to her. Thank you Jan!"





Gary Liljegren was somewhat reluctantly led to the Kryon books by his wife Jan in summer of 1996. Both he and Jan were involved with metaphysics about 20 years earlier and had walked away from that organized group because some of the information did not seem to be going in the right direction. Time passed. Jan found the Kryon books that summer in 1996, and after a bit of gentle nudging, Gary started reading Kryon Book One. After about the third page, he was saying, "Jan, listen to this..........."

Gary passed the FCC exam to be a licensed radio amateur at the age of 13. This started a lifetime love of technical subjects which included the building of transmitting and receiving equipment, as well as a lifetime love of geography and cultures as he talked with other licensed "hams" from more than two hundred countries world-wide. The enjoyment of both aspects of the hobby which now includes communications with many of the same people by Internet E-mail as well, continues to this day.

Gary has a degree from Iowa State University in psychology with minors in computer science and mathematics. At Iowa State, he worked with various departments in applying the abilities of the computer to solve their data collection and processing needs. This was at a time when there were very few "off the shelf" computer programs. What was needed was written by hand using low-level assembly language programs. Programs and data were entered into punch cards which were read into the computer. The more advanced computers used tape drives to speed up the processing and retain the data after it arrived in punch card format. Compared to today's computers, this early equipment is hard to imagine. Now that early technology is found only in the Smithsonian Museum, along with Gary's photo.... (only kidding about the photo).

A very valuable four year segment of life experience passed while Gary was wearing the blue uniform of the US Air Force. He was a computer programmer and systems analyst stationed in Washington, D.C. during that time. He had the opportunity to work with some USAF financial programming projects and during the last half of the tour, programmed applications in the data sampling of Air Force personnel.

Gary has been in the insurance and securities field for years as an agent and securities broker. He attended a Kryon Seminar in Atlanta in the fall of 1997 where Lee/Kryon spoke of finding your passion and doing it. Gary took that to heart, eliminated the sales end and maximized his efforts into the education and training end of the insurance field, his passion. Today, he owns a company that is an insurance education provider in the States of Florida and Georgia. Instructors in the company teach certification courses required in those states for people who wish to become licensed as life or health insurance agents.

The early Air Force experience in programming was handy many years later when the Internet came of age. Gary was an early user of E-mail and an Internet junkie as more and more people gravitated to the Internet. The transition from the programming languages of years earlier to the HTML code used to make web sites was an easy one. Gary started creating websites for himself and others. When the Kryon books became an important addition to his life, Gary created and programmed the kryon.org website as a volunteer in early 1997 and over a period of time, found a number of the most wonderful Angels of the website who also volunteered to help with the on-going functions of the site. The Kryon websites have now grown to include the more commercial area of kryon.com which includes the seminar schedule, information about the Kryon Writings, and a variety of other items, and free audio and videos.

Soon after kryon.org came up on the Internet, Gary started sending out "Marshmallow Messages" (MMs) daily. These are messages of positive thought that are sent by E-mail only to the Kryon family worldwide. It is necessary to request them on the website; people are not registered without their knowledge, and the E-mail addresses are only used for the MMs and updates on coming Kryon activities. The MMs are reminders that we are loved. They are not very lengthy, but are often quotes from Kryon from the past 20 years.

Although it seems like a few months ago, it was actually October of 1997 when the first 12 or 15 names in the USA and Canada were entered into the system and those people began receiving the MMs. Now Gary sends these messages to well over 12,000 of the Kryon family in more than 100 countries.

Gary and Jan have enjoyed and appreciated their opportunity to be a part of the Kryon work. In September of 1996, Gary learned that people were able to volunteer and have an event in their own home called an At-Home-With-Kryon. He asked to be included so that he and Jan could do one. In the spring of 1997, they had two At-Home-With-Kryon events at their small apartment in Gainesville, Florida. The people who attended were scrunched in so closely that they had no choice but to become friends. Later, Jan and Gary scheduled more At-Home and Journey Home seminars in Gainesville, Fort Lauderdale, and Atlanta. In January of 2000, they sponsored the large seminar in Orlando and in 2001 and 2002, they put the Orlando seminar together again. The greatest benefit in taking the time from busy schedules and doing a Kryon event is to be able to hear Lee/Kryon again. The second greatest benefit is the opportunity to meet with and become friends with the wonderful people of like-thinking who attend the events. Caring and sharing with the Kryon family has truly been a life changing delight.




Barbara and Rob Harris have not been strangers to the Kryon work. Most are not aware that the original Kryon Quarterly Magazine was actually Barbara's idea. The magazine was eventually developed and published, and Barbara was involved in the design for the first few issues. Later she handed it off to Geoff Hoppe of Colorado, who fully produced and designed all the issues up through the last one, issue 12.

Things often come full circle, and Barb again instituted a magazine idea, but this time one that would be totally electronic (on the Internet) and dynamic (no monthly issues). Instead, it would be a constantly changing publication with a way for visitors to "pop in" and take a look at what was new as often as 
they wished.

She and her husband, Rob, using their well established ADSET graphics business, placed their resources behind creating one of the finest New Age E-publications on the web.

Rob Harris has been the graphics designer for the Kryon work for many years - designing display advertising, promotional pieces, and flyers every month. In addition, he and Barbara have helped design the Kryon cassette covers and Jan Tober meditation and music album covers. Even the Kryon book covers have also come right out of the ADSET shop!
95 Rob was part of the small entourage that got to go to New York and observe the first United Nations Kryon channelling. You can see the strong connection that both Rob and Barbara have to the Kryon work.

ADSET is a computer intensive, highly technical graphics design firm, owned and operated in Southern California since 1982 by Barbara and Rob. As established business owners in the field of Graphic Arts, they have encountered many of the obstacles which business managers experience. In the early 1990's, after a series of challenging events, they began the journey of awareness with Spirit. Within the year they began to integrate their Spiritual wisdom with traditional industry concepts, creating a new and unique way of conducting business.

With the help of many dedicated teachers and health care professionals, Barbara and Rob have discovered that combining their layout, design, and technical skill with Spirit, facilitated a balance with the physical, personal, and business part of their lives. Achieving this combination brought another level of excellence to their work.

Believing in a zealous commitment to detail, combined with high energy enthusiasm, ADSET creates new and innovative ideas by using the latest in computer technology, providing a wide range of services. This includes design, copywriting, photography and digital manipulation. Barbara also works as a personal and business growth consultant.

With Rob and the staff at ADSET, they arrange seminars and promotional material for individuals and businesses interested in creating a new and uniquely empowering experience for themselves.

For more information, visit their website at: 





Robert Haig Coxon was born in Montreal. Canada and studied composition at McGill University. Highly regarded as a multi-keyboardist, Robert draws on a broad range of personal, spiritual and musical experience to create his music for meditation.

After starting to play the piano at age 1 1/2 ... two hands, no less... he started lessons at age 9 on the piano his grandmother gave him. Not content with playing what others wrote, he started composing at age 11. While others were out playing sports, at age 17, Robert found himself playing professionally in bars and lounges. As though his music didn't quite take up enough time, he also became an artist, involved in painting and professional graphic arts starting in High School. At McGill, Robert also studied trombone and organ, and became an accomplished pop and jazz musician.

His music led him into education, where he taught band to youngsters for several years until he could begin his professional career. Like most artists who have "made it," Robert started out with a tremendous variety of musical experience and jobs. He was musical director of a 10 piece Disco band, joined a well-known Canadian pop group called "The Bells" (a group with gold albums to their name), and began to write film music. He then became seriously interested in topping off his knowledge with a concentrated study in classical music, studying privately with Rose Goldblatt, a well-known international classical performer and recording artist.

Robert's first release? A 45rpm record called "Ballad of America" with Celine Dion's publisher!

He stopped playing commercially in order to concentrate on composing his 1986 release, Cristal Silence, which became a hit across Canada. His next album, Cristal Silence II became number 1 and 2 on the New Age charts as published by Guide Resources magazine. Robert's first live CBC radio broadcast across Canada was very well received, and the most prominent critic at the time said, "Robert Haig Coxon has nothing to envy in Vangellis." This kind of review became very common.

He has been nominated three times for the prestigious "Felix" award (French equivalent to the Grammy), and slowly became Canada's best-selling New Age artist. In 1995 he released perhaps his best known album to date, Silent Path, which almost instantly became number 1 in Canada and in France. (It also eventually made number 1 in the New Age USA charts as well).

The most secret part of Robert's work... the part most haven't heard until this bio, is his interest in trying to test music scientifically... finding where the interdimensional parts are that touch and heal people, as he has seen his music do, for years. He regularly sneaks away to places where he can do scientific research on sound.

He began traveling with Lee Carroll and Jan Tober in 1998, and has remained as the musical identity of the Kryon work to date. His presence has awed audiences in the Kryon seminars all through the world.





Dr. Todd Ovokaitys often called Dr. Todd by his associates, has had a passion for science from the time he was 5. He was first in his class in high school, receiving the Bausch and Lomb Science Award and the Bucky Pioneer Award. At Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, he was first in his class of 1800 with a 4.0 grade point average.

After two years at Northwestern, he was accepted into an accelerated combined graduate/undergraduate program at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, which conferred both B.A. and M.D. degrees. Advanced training was at Georgetown University Hospital, with a Residency and Chief Residency in Internal Medicine followed by a Fellowship in Pulmonary and Intensive Care Medicine.

During his Pulmonary Fellowship, the specialty that concerns the lungs, Dr. Todd began his research with cells of the immune system. Many procedures were done on AIDS patients to diagnose their lung problems. Observing this dire disease firsthand and the toxic results of early medical treatments, Dr. Todd developed a passion for finding better solutions. Towards the end of his Fellowship, he became aware of the benefits of Holistic Medicine for improving the function of the immune system while building rather than impairing the function of other systems.

Inspired to learn more, he moved to Southern California to study with practitioners of Complementary Medicine. In the context of these studies, he had an experience so radical that the course of his life and work were forever transformed.

During a meditation class in the summer of 1989, Dr. Todd paired with another student for an exercise. The process was profound and they took turns, one in the process while the other scribed to record any breakthroughs of awareness. Much as in the Jodie Foster movie "Contact," the usual anchor points dissolved with the feeling of instant transport to a different dimension of being. There was a doorway or portal to traverse, with a message of the responsibility taken on through the choice to go further.

Instantly upon walking through this doorway, a living form was seen that filled a room - and had the shape of a DNA strand enlarged millions of times. This form communicated that science only partly understood how DNA worked. The linear understanding of DNA as an enormous data string was correct but incomplete. In addition, DNA was a structure of coils within coils in an environment of moving charges that permitted DNA to send electromagnetic signals much as a radio transmitter. Further, DNA could receive and be conditioned by electromagnetic signals. Most significantly, if it were possible to determine and transmit the correct resonant signals, that it was possible to switch the activity of a sick cell to that of a healthy cell, an old cell to that of a young cell.

This experience brought with it a certainty that solutions were possible. After intensive review of the previous work showing the effects of electromagnetic energy patterns on cellular health and function, Dr. Todd located a colleague with the technical expertise to build the desired invention.

Quote from the South African Journal of Natural Medicine - April 2004

"In March 2004, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys addressed the South African Natural Medicine Conference in Stellenbosch and received ovations for his work from doctors and professors of medicine who heralded his work as groundbreaking and worthy of a Nobel Prize.

[He] brought the whole audience, and perhaps even the event, to a single moment of wonder with an image of the AIDS virus being destroyed by a single blue light resonating at a frequency that shattered its membrane.

Dr. Ovokaitys also addressed other conferences in Cape Town and Johannesburg, attended not only by doctors and professors of medicine, but also by political leaders who are very concerned about the state of their people’s health.  Included in the attendees was Mrs. Winnie Mandela, who thanked Dr. Todd for 'coming to Africa to help my people.' "

Today, Dr. Todd heads up Gematria - a research and development firm in Carlsbad, California, implementing his intuition, and his inventions. Want to know more?

Website: http://www.gematria.com




From her earliest years, Peggy Phoenix Dubro had a deep desire to "remember God." As a young woman she had a profound series of experiences resulting in the spontaneous opening of all her chakras. This opening produced an awareness of unconditional love, and the realization of the connectedness of all things in the universe.

Her desire to know even more, and to live daily life in the consciousness of this state, led to a fifteen-year journey that resulted in another profound opening, this time an inimitable experience giving rise to the discovery of the Universal Calibration Lattice® (UCL). At first, Peggy's focus was on her own personal spiritual evolution. In working directly with the electromagnetic nature of the UCL, she realized the possibility existed to develop a way of assisting others in their evolutionary process. In her home town, word soon spread about the results of Peggy's sessions.

After working regularly with clients for several years, and stimulated by their requests to know more about what she was doing, Peggy developed a training program to teach others the theory and method of how to do the sessions, and thus the EMF Balancing Technique® was born. When these newly trained practitioners began to perform the sessions, their results were also remarkable. Several years later, based on the continuing positive nature of the results, Peggy developed another program, this time a teachers program. Peggy was now passing on the ability to others to teach the work!

Peggy Phoenix Dubro is now offering from her latest work, personal "Reflections" sessions. She is the creator of the†internationally recognized EMF Balancing Technique and worldwide Kryon team member for 18 years.

These 30 minute and one-hour sessions offer a unique personal quantum energy†assessment and energy alignments to assist you to manifest the changes†you chose as a multidimensional being. Kryon is encouraging us to think†and act quantum in the new energy and this session will assist you todeepen your ability to do that! Designed to expand the intelligence of yourheart. Spend time with Peggy and let her reflect the quantum magnificence of you! CLICK HERE - http://emfworldwidestore.com/emfworldwide/en/peggy-phoenix-dubro/sessions-with-peggy/ for more info.


"Peggy Phoenix Dubro and her husband Stephen have been given a tremendous gift. As members of the Kryon International Seminar team, they present life empowering trainings all around the world. These trainings are an initiation into a new awareness of your own electromagnetic nature. You receive information about your energy anatomy that will permanently establish a powerful connection to the Cosmic Lattice (Universal Energy Source), and you will be able to use this new energy immediately."-

Lee Carroll




Dr. Amber Wolf has been practicing holistic health care and education since 1982. She is an internationally known teacher, facilitator, author, recording artist, healing intuitive and channel.

She is the co-designer and facilitator of the very popular and profound KRYON DISCOVERY SERIES, now held both in the USA and overseas. She is also the creator and facilitator of the Lemurian Sisterhood Seminars.

These seminars are an invitation to be awakened, anointed and initiated into The Sacred Circle of the Lemurian Sisters. click http://amberwolfphd.com/lemurian-sisterhood for sisterhood info.


Raised in rural New England, Dr. Wolf then moved to the Alaskan wilderness, where she lived for 12 years. Surviving amidst the beauty and harshness of the elements, Dr. Wolf learned indigenous healing remedies and midwifery.

Moving to Colorado in 1989 opened more doors in the health and spiritual field, as she began her full time career as a health practitioner in cranial sacral therapy and “transformational” healing. A near-death accident in 1994 brought severe head and body injuries, but also the gift and ability to experience a heightened source of energy and wisdom.

Completing her Ph.D. in 1995 in Holistic Science and Alternative Therapies, Dr. Wolf is a Certified Cranial Sacral Therapist, Certified Somatic Therapist, trained Quantum-Touch practitioner, licensed minister, a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. She is a member in good standing of the American CranioSacral Therapy Association, the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners and a member of ABMP, Associated Massage and BodyWork Professionals.

Dr. Wolf has also created and recorded Seven Healing and Mediation Albums. Her voice has special and unique healing attributes that combine with carefully selected music and binaural beats to assist you in your journey of personal empowerment and transformation.

Click http://kryon.com/amberbio-B.html for full academic Credentials.

Dr. Amber Wolf – Sacred Energy Alchemy

Dr. Wolf is available by advanced appointment. Sessions are available online, by phone or Skype, or in person as appropriate. Unsure of what session you would like? Relax, because Dr. Wolf is able to communicate with your inner wisdom (innate) to identify what you need to create balance and healing. For more information or to schedule an appointment:

For more information about Dr. Amber Wolf visit the following website’s:






Monika Muranyi has always had a deep affinity and connection with Gaia, Mother Earth. This led her to university where she obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science degree with Honors at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia. Monika has worked in various national parks within Australia and New Zealand for over fifteen years. Her ideal heaven was to be communing with nature in remote landscapes of breath taking beauty. Following a spiritual awakening she began to explore the deeper mysteries of Gaia and the universe.

This new calling led Monika to move to New Zealand. While in New Zealand she began her training as an accredited Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing TechniqueTM Practitioner (Phases I to XIII). After moving back to Australia Monika began to travel with the Kryon team as synchronicity allowed. One of Monika’s passions is photography; hence many of the photographs of the Kryon seminars have been taken by her.

In 2012 she moved to Chile, South America to learn more about the movement of the Kundalini of Earth. It was in this energy that she awakened to a call to write about humanity’s connection with Gaia. Monika consulted with Lee Carroll to ask permission to present the Kryon information on Gaia in a subject-driven book. Lee was thrilled about the request as he would never have time to undertake such a project.

Monika has carefully researched the Kryon material and she brings personal experiences and insights as she weaves together the Kryon teachings and wisdom. Her first book, The Gaia Effect, provides greater understandings about Earth energies and how these interface with humanity. In addition, she has posed over thirty new questions that have been answered by Kryon. Her second book, The Human Akash, was premiered at the Kryon Summer Light Conference in Mt. Shasta California. It finally starts discussion on the most profound Kryon subject ever: "Mining the Akash."

Monika’s most recent book, The Human Soul Revealed, has just been completed and premiered at the KRYON SUMMER LIGHT CONFERNECE in Sedona Arizona. This book is third in a special Kryon trilogy series. Have ever wondered about your soul? Can you share a soul? Where is it? The answers to these questions and more are found within this book.

To purchase The Gaia Effect click https://www.kryon.com/k_68.html

To purchase 
The Human Akash click https://www.kryon.com/k_70.html

To purchase 
The Human Soul Revealed click https://www.kryon.com/k_71.html

All these new KRYON books are also available on KINDLE as "e-pubs"

For more information about Monika Muranyi visit her website:















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