Allow The Impossible

Della Van Hise

"The Silence is pregnant with every possibility, every scrap of knowledge, every scribble of poetry blowing on the winds of Time. It's from that silence that we wake up, take a breath of life, go back to sleep again, rinse and repeat". 

By: Della Van Hise 


You are invited to share in an awe-inspiring journey into the Infinite - a quest for Knowledge that began with a single question - Who Are You? - and led down the rabbit hole to the liberating personal discovery and ongoing creation of Quantum Shamanism™.


"So who are we here at Quantum Shaman?  My name is Della.  There's also Wendy, with whom I share the journey.  And there is Orlando, who is our teacher, our guide, muse, and a great deal more.  Though this will perhaps not make sense to newcomers, Orlando is my double -the evolved self, the Dreaming body personified, the Infinite awareness of the Higher Self. And it is by gaining a thorough comprehension of what that means that I have found the path to my own evolution, my own singularity of consciousness.  It is not something that can be given to others through words alone, but it is a system of Knowledge that can be taught". 

By: Della Van Hise