Empowering Artist

If you are an Art Dealer, Gallery Owner, Art Events Organizer, Writer, Publisher or a Private Collector, you might be interested in the work of Andrey Zhokhov, a Cypriot painter of Russian origin who combines Byzantine Iconography and Christian eschatological symbolism with the elements of Surrealism and Futurism in an attempt to reach the same level of powerful impression as in authentic pre-canonical art. This is the same process that futurist poets followed mutating words for the empowerment of carried feeling versus standardized forms which in their view often missed original strength and meaning. His distinctive style balances between minimalistic approach and extreme detalization of repetitive mythological imagery, resulting in the presence of time dimension in the paintings. Most of the works do not have a main character, but the viewer is invited to be in the centre of painted worlds, reflecting on the archetypical images in their dynamic play. 

Andrey gives private art lessons at Zhokhov Art Studio in Cyprus, Limassol and has 26 years experience as an Art Teacher.


- Denmark, Copenhagen, 1988
- Moscow, Russia, "The Labyrinth Group Exhibition", 1989 
- Finland, 1989
- Russia, Moscow, The Centrale House of Artists, 1989
- Russia, Moscow, The Exhibiting Place in "Kyznetsky Most", 1989 
- Russia, Moscow, Gallery "Mars", 1989
- Cyprus, The Gallery "Obelisk", 1990
- Cyprus, The Gallery "Obelisk", 1991 
- Japan, The Graphic Competition in Tokyo, 1991
- Cyprus, The Gallery "IIIiotropio", 1993
- Cyprus, The gallery "Opus39", 1994
- Cyprus, The gallery "Opus39", 1995
- USA, Georgia, 1996
- NY, SOHO, The Gallery "Agora", 1999
- NY, SOHO, The Gallery "Grant", 1999
- NY, SOHO, The gallery "Grant", 2000
- NY, Chelsea, The Gallery "Lindenberg", 2000  
- Cyprus, Cultural Club "Guru", 2002





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