Need Fast Money and Owe Valuable Assets? - There is a Solution.


Company provides personal asset loans secured against fine art, antiques, jewelry, diamonds, gold, luxury watches, prestige & classic cars, fine wine and more.

Company office locations: New York, Los Angeles & London.

Loans involve no credit checks or income verification. 
Loans can be completed within 24 hours.
Clients can receive short-term personal asset loans of $1,000 - $2 millions.

All Company needs is to verify the client’s identification.

General Criteria

Minimum term - 1 month

Maximum term - 12 months

Minimum loan - $1000

Maximum loan - $2 million


Asset types:

Luxury Watches, Jewelry & Gold, Fine Art & Antiques, Prestige & Classic Cars, Fine Wine 


$100,000 and more - 2.99% PER MONTH
$20,000 to $99,999 - 3.49% PER MONTH
Up to $19,999 - 3.99% PER MONTH
Luxury watches/jewelry/gold 70% LTV
Fine art/antiques/prestige & classic cars/fine wine 50% LTV

*Interest Rates May Vary & May Change at Any Time Without Notice here.


* Subject to incremental charges for special assets

How it works
Step 1 - CIS (client information sheet) + pics of assets + appraisal (if available)

Company arranges for asset to be delivered to valuation center or arranges home visit when applicable.

Step 2 - Asset valued & offer made. (Asset is valued by Company’s leading appraisers).

Offer is made over 6 month term.

Step 3 - Offer is accepted.

Client accepts offer / ID check online or in person. Asset is placed in Company’s secure vault.

Cash is transferred to customer's account.