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Message to you from PowerThoughts Meditation Club:


Dear Soul THANK YOU for being here. You are NOW about to activate the greatness within you. These powerful meditations are going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. You will feel happier, stronger, peaceful and more powerful. We, as humans, are powerful creators of life, and we are here to remind you. PowerThoughts Meditations Awaken and Inspire people to manifest great things in their lives: inner peace, love, abundance, joy, optimism, freedom, wealth, confidence, inner strength, awakening, enlightenment and much, much more.

PowerThoughts Meditation Clubs´ mission and life purpose is to make this world a more Loving, Peaceful and Joyful place. We are here to help and inspire YOU and the other millions of people listening to our meditations and reading our articles, to awaken that magnificent POWER that we have within us. Prepare to open up the gates, and let in the pure life-force from your higher mind/your soul/the universal flow. Allow it to flow through you NOW. Enjoy your journey.

How much time should I invest to benefit from the affirmations?

There is now right answer here. We recommend once a day for minimum 15 minutes, for 30 days in a row for max effect. However if this is not possible or you don´t want to invest this amount of time now,  then just do as much as you can to the point that it feels good. Listening to affirmations should be a ritual that feels good.

When NASA trains people for missions in space – when they have to learn completely new tasks, programming this learning they have to train every day for minimum of 30 days straight. Experience shows that that neurological signals are reinforced to the point where they “stick” after 30 days. But this isn´t a rule. You can experience “evidence” of the new changes taking place already the same day as you start to listen to affirmations, sometimes you have to have patience as days and weeks can go by before you start to notice the positive change. Those who stick with it, they will reap the rewards of their perseverance.

What if some affirmations make me feel uncomfortable?

That can be that a part of you are resisting the affirmation. Maybe it´s out of your comfort zone, even if it´s positive. Another reason can that the affirmation itself can make you feel uncomfortable – that is not a bad thing. The affirmation “I love and accept myself” can surely bring emotions of resistance to surface if the person do not believe in this affirmation. You know what? That is ok. Just let them flow by. Affirmations mixed with brainwave music, solfeggios or binaural beats is a powerful healing combination and when the mind and body connection starts to heal, that can also stir up emotions. It is perfectly natural and safe. It is a normal part of growing and developing personally and spiritually.



For Your Freedom, Love and Joy,

– Kenneth & Alexander from PowerThoughts Meditation Club










Deep Subconscious Sleep Programming ➤ Happiness | Success | Spiritual Growth | Creative Energy

By: PowerThoughts Meditation Club
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Published on Nov 18, 2015
8 Hours Subconscious Programming for Happiness & Abundance is a POWERFUL guided meditation / Positive affirmations for you who are SERIOUS about wanting to EFFORTLESSLY manifest Happiness, Success, spiritual growth NOW, by aligning your body, mind and soul.

8 Hours affirmations


*Increase personal coherence for the benefit of ourselves and the planet

*Help shift the planetary consciousness baseline from self-centeredness to wholeness care

*Increase connection and social harmony

*Empower our ability to navigate through global changes with less stress, anxiety and more ease

* Dissolve negative thinking, emotional patterns

*Develop more joy, happiness, motivation, clarity, inner peace and love in all aspects of our lives.

*Program the subconscious mind to notice more of the beauty in life that is all around us.

*Trains your mind to develop a strong mental attitude.

*The law of attraction.

You do not have to listen the full 8 hours for this to work, although of course it will be more beneficial.

Activate Your Higher Mind ➤ All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies | Full Album With Yoga Music | Zen Music

By: PowerThoughts Meditation Club
Published on Aug 6, 2015
This is a special album put together with the use of all 9 solfeggio freqencies combined with some of the 9 of the most powerful brainwave songs that will enhance the effects of the solfeggio frequencies. Download from ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/no/album/act... This brainwave music is designed to take you into blissful relaxation and meditation. Can be used for deep meditation & Relaxation. Brainwave music with all 9 solfeggio frequencies!

I AM Affirmations ➤ Gratitude & Self Love | Solfeggio 852Hz & 963Hz | Theta Beats ⚛ Stunning Nature

By: PowerThoughts Meditation Club
Published on Jan 10, 2017
FREE Mp3 Download of this audio here: https://powerthoughtsmeditationclub.d... Gratitude has a magic power, to bad most people don´t tap into it. This video may inspire you to do so. To connect with your heart. Connect with your Soul. A path of gratitude and self Love, is a path of peace, joy and passion. These affirmations are written and spoken in the vibration of Love and Gratitude. Find that DIVINE POWER within you and prevail as the MASTER CREATOR you are!

Mixed with alpha waves ( 8 HZ binaural beats), solfeggio 852hz and 963hz, OM mantra and powerful drums. The music is in 432Hz tuning.

Solfeggio 852 Hz ➤ Awakening Inner Strength & Self Realization ➤ Zen Healing Music | Positive Energy

By: PowerThoughts Meditation Club
Published on Sep 21, 2015
Solfeggio 852 Hz is directly connected to the principle of Light, and Light is a higher form of bioenergy.This frequency can be used as means for opening up for communication with your higher self for awakening inner strength and self realisation. MP3 DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/2450g0B This audio can also be used to take you quickly into relaxation and bliss.

Stop Anxiety, Depression, Overthinking! | Positive Affirmations + 9 Solfeggio Healing Frequencies

By: PowerThoughts Meditation Club
Published on Dec 18, 2015
Are you ready to start a repattering process of the subconscious mind? Replacing old negative patterns like anxiety, depression and overthinking and negative thoughts generally with some empowering new patterns that will assist you in your journey towards your greatest version? This audio is designed to set that process in motion. In the centre of the hurricane it is always calm....Meditate and relax with ease to these empowering affirmations that works in the core of your being. Ease anxiety, depression and overthinking now. MP3 DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1WfQ2Id This piece of positive subconcsious programming will boost self acceptance and strengthen you on the journey of life. Life happens but to be balanced will make a whole lot of difference. The soothing and calming music is mixed with all 9 solfeggio frequencies and 8hz alpha binaural beats.

Guided Meditation ★ Manifest WEALTH & PROSPERITY ★ Affirmations For Success on Your Terms

By: PowerThoughts Meditation Club
Published on Aug 25, 2015
Are you ready to sow the seeds of wealth and prosperity in your mind, body and spirit? How good would you feel harvesting the results? Manifest PROSPERITY & WEALTH NOW is a POWERFUL guided meditation for you who are SERIOUS about wanting to EFFORTLESSLY Manifest PROSPERITY & WEALTH, by alligning your body, mind and soul. This will also help you to let go of your old limiting energies and beliefs around money, wealth and success.

Maybe you´re curious to now just how much positive results this meditation will give you when you listen to it over time.

Kenneth from PowerThoughts Meditation Club is a professional hypnotherapist and will guide you through this with hypnotic language combined with powerful affirmations that will supercharge your manifesting energies and make you a MAGNET to GENIUS IDEAS and OPPORTUNITIES that will manifest Manifest PROSPERITY & WEALTH NOW.

Reprogramming Your Mind ➤ Positive Focus & Success Mindset | Rewire Your Subconscious - Affirmations

By: PowerThoughts Meditation Club
Published on Sep 29, 2016
Reprogramming Your Mind ➤ Positive Focus & Success Mindset | Rewire Your Subconscious - Affirmations. Think big!

This session is designed to re-wire your thought and emotional patterns with supportive and empowering patterns that promotes personal and for some spiritual growth. Eradication of old negative patterns is natural when using this type of audio tool with consistency for a period if time. This Specific audio was designed for increasing Confidence, well being, Inner Strength, Happiness and Success patterns.


1.Listen a minimum of 10 minutes everyday. The more you listen the better.

2.Listen for 30 days straight. Of course, if you miss it some times it does not mean the progression is lost. But we recommend listening everyday. You can use it for more than 30 days if that is of interest. The more you use it, the more the affirmations will root in your subconscious mind, becoming a part of your habitual thought and emotional pattern.

3.Occasionally listen immediately after waking up. Then your brain is operating at a frequency that makes your brain more receptive of the affirmations.

All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies ➤ Emotional & Physical Healing - Dream Music | Miracle Tones Album

By: PowerThoughts Meditation Club
Published on Sep 12, 2016
This is a special album put together with the use of all 9 solfeggio frequencies It´s designed to take you into blissful healing, relaxation and meditation.

Raise Positive Vibrations ➤ Boost Positive Energy | Subconscious Programming Affirmations

By: PowerThoughts Meditation Club
Published on Nov 15, 2016
This audio was created with the intention of raising positive vibrations and boosting positive energy. Listening to positive affirmations is a powerful way to instruct and program your subconscious mind with empowering emotional and behavioral patterns, at the same time dissolving subconscious and conscious destructive negative patterns.

The affirmations used in this audio is aimed to wire ones brain with patterns that supports confidence, self esteem, success and happiness.


Repetition is key. The more and longer you listen, the deeper the affirmations will root in your subconscious. Look at affirmations as seeds... You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds... In this case, flowers. So you need to water the seeds... I recommend listening once a day for 30 days straight. You do not have to listen the full length for it to have an effect.

You are the master of your fate. In your moments of decision, your destiny is shaped. You can create massive change and success in your life. Start the ripple effect today!
''If you think you can, or think you can not, you are right either way''

Chakra Sleep Music | Heal Open & Empower All Chakras - Healing Frequencies - Meditation Sleep Music

By: PowerThoughts Meditation Club
Published on Aug 18, 2016
This Deep Healing Chakra sleep Music Infused with the powerful solfeggio frequencies was created to cleanse, balance, heal and activate all the 7 chakras of the listeners. This track lasts for 9 hours and moves through all your chakras, 1 time each hour. This was created with pure love, with the intention to helps the listeners on their journey of personal and spiritual development. You can subscribe to our channel to support us.

Music designed to slow down your brainwaves and guide your brain into a deep state of healing, relaxation and inner peace.