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If you want to build wealth, one of the questions many people ask, is "Where do I start?" 
It's a good question.
When it comes to investing or building wealth, there's a ton of great strategies out there (many of which are covered in detail inside EVG).
It's important to be strategic.
So where do you start exactly?
Well, the short answer is that it depends on what you're "missing".
Let me explain...
You can't succeed without everyone working together.
The same thing is true when it comes to building wealth. There are four key areas to focus on when it comes to building wealth...
  • Foundation
  • Security
  • Growth
  • Legacy
These are based on personal experience and on involvement with numerous millionaires.
If you you're short in one area, it hurts your overall ability to get rich.
For example, most people only focus on growth. They chase the 1,000% returns or whatever hot investments are in fashion at the moment.
However, if you don't have the right tax strategy, you'll lose half of it to the IRS. Or if you don't have the right asset protection, you could lose everything in a lawsuit.
It's important that you're strong in ALL areas.
And that's why the EVG is here for you to lead you step by step into the Wealth Blueprint by you.
The EVG created a tool to help you to assess where you're at in each of the core areas of wealth to show you where you could use more knowledge and attention to reach your goals into riches.
In short, it's a quick and effective way to figure out what areas of your wealth you should focus on next.

The Elevation Group is an online course for people who want to get out of the rat race.

Here's What You'll Get Instant Access To As A Lifetime Elevation Group Member:


Learn to invest like the rich

If you can watch a video, you can learn how to create financial prosperity and security in your life, using the same strategies the wealthy use...


How To Create Your Own Bank, Protect Your Assets, And Enjoy A Tax FREE Retirement...


How to Win the Credit Score Game So You Can Maximize Your Investment Opportunities...


How to Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones from Politicians, Pirates and other Financial Predators, Part I...


How to Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones from Politicians, Pirates and other Financial Predators, Part II...


Asset Protection Strategies of the Rich That Everyone Should Use...


Building A Cash Flow Empire With Real Estate


How to Increase Your Monthly Cash Flow with a Home Business...


And Much, Much, Much More...

What is outlined is just a fraction of what you'll learn as an Elevation Group Member. And the best part, is that everything comes from real life experience...

This isn't theory, or some old dusty financial book written by a scholar who's never actually done any of it...

This has been a living adventure that peels back the curtain on the investing strategies of the rich in a way that's never been done before, and in a way that everyone can understand.

That's why...

Get instant access to The Elevation Group &

Learn these little known strategies and tactics, and give a real boost to your financial lif


About Brian and Jake Fouts @ The Elevation Group

Brian and Jake Fouts have spent years meeting and studying hundreds of millionaires… who came from all walks of life (rich, poor, smart or not, young or old). And they've discovered the ONE THING that sets them apart from everyone else. They’ve leveraged their “Unique Personality” to get rich. In fact, their research shows there are FIVE “unique personalities” to getting rich. And they're created to help you figure out which one you are.

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