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MasterClass makes it possible for anyone to learn directly from the world's best. Classes currently available online include Steve Martin (comedy), Hans Zimmer (film scoring), Frank Gehry (architecture), Shonda Rhimes (TV writing), David Mamet (dramatic writing), Reba McEntire (country music), deadmau5 (electronic music production), Gordon Ramsay (cooking), Aaron Sorkin (screenwriting), Dustin Hoffman (acting), Serena Williams (tennis), Werner Herzog (filmmaking), James Patterson (writing), Usher (performance), Christina Aguilera (singing), and Kevin Spacey (acting).  

MasterClass takes a unique approach to online learning by working with globally-recognized instructors and Emmy and Academy Award winning directors to create a new kind of class. The first set of classes were directed by Jay Roach ("Austin Powers" and "Meet the Parents") and Bill Guttentag (two-time Academy Award winning documentarian) and filmed to give an intimate look into the minds and techniques of the world’s masters.

MasterClass pairs world-class instructors with Hollywood directors and Silicon Valley engineers to create a brand new type of learning experience.

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Steve Martin Teaches Comedy | Official Trailer

Published on Mar 2, 2017
By: MasterClass

Serena Williams' MasterClass | Student Feedback

Published on May 15, 2015
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Usher Teaches The Art of Performance | Official Trailer

Published on Dec 4, 2015
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Reba McEntire Teaches Country Music | Official Trailer

Published on Oct 13, 2016
By: MasterClass

deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production | Official Trailer

Published on Nov 15, 2016
By: MasterClass

Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring | Official Trailer

Published on Nov 18, 2016
By: MasterClass

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking | Official Trailer

Published on Nov 21, 2016
By: MasterClass

Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking | Official Trailer

Published on May 18, 2016
By: MasterClass

Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting | Official Trailer

Published on Jun 22, 2016
By: MasterClass

Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing for Television | Official Teaser

Published on Dec 16, 2016
By: MasterClass

James Patterson Teaches Writing | Official Trailer

Published on May 11, 2015
By: MasterClass

Frank Gehry Teaches Design & Architecture | Official Trailer

Published on Feb 18, 2017
By: MasterClass